Positively Fat

I am size 16 so I am what you call, fat.
I admit it’s completely my fault. Haha. I eat decadent things and find exercise extremely tedious.

However, sometimes people use my size as something to make me feel bad about myself. 

The thing is I was once skinny, but the same people deride me for being short. When I wear heels and look and feel taller, those same people will find offense in my voice, or teeth, or hair.

So as you can see, you cannot please people. 

You see, you can be perfect, and people will still find some way to make you feel bad. 

In fact, you can be perfect and YOU yourself find ways to make YOUR OWN SELF feel bad.

So I’m not entirely sure when, but about 10 years or so ago, I decided, enough. 

I may be fat, but that is not a reflection of my heart, all the good things about myself, or all the awesome things I’ve done and am capable of.

The more I observe the more I realise how people who call u names are more insecure about their looks than u are of yours.

I am what you call, confident. 

Why? Because I am relatively highly educated, laugh wholeheartedly every single day of my life, can eat exclusively delicious things, can travel wherever I want, doing what I love and have awesome friends & families who supports everything I do. 

If I ever have advice for u it is this: SNAP OUT OF IT.

Other people have absolutely NO, NIL, NADA, right to judge u and call you names. They don’t know how hard u work to look and be how u are today.

You don’t need negative voices telling u that you are fat, ugly, dark skinned, short. 

Even if u are all of those combined, remember that is not all you are – who says u can’t be smart, sexy, funny, generous, amazingly awesome and happy?

Trust me when the looks go, guess what – ur smartness, sexiness, generosity, awesomeness —- they’re here to stay!

A Walk around Kampong Ayer

Last week, me and bestie, supremely free and available, decided that we wanted to walkabout Kampong Ayer. 

Parked at Yayasan, and grabbed a water taxi to the other side – this costs 50 cents.

We requested to be dropped off at Kg Bakut Berumput cause that’s where Kunyit7 Lodge is. Alas the place was not open as Kem, the  lovely host, was out for a walking tour with guests.

So what are we to do? Go on a walking tour of our own of course! 

Armed with no bearing and directions, we walked towards the direction of the Kampong Ayer Cultural and Tourism Gallery – hoping that it’s open on a public holiday haha. (It’s not)

Along the way we saw houses ravaged by fire, houses thriving, and houses getting by.

Some houses have their boats parked up front. Some are undergoing renovations.

Life seems simple and very close knit. People sit on the porch of their houses (sometimes smoking) and watch people walking by. 

Shortly we arrived at the housing scheme of Kampung Lorong Sikuna. The houses are fabulous and super modern here and I’ve actually never realised of their existence. These houses, have permanent deeds (bergaran) unlike most houses in Kampong Ayer. 

We also discovered that the Ketua Kampong, Hj Ahmad, operates a homestay from his house…. which has a wedding dais. Also he has wedding costumes. 


So me besanding, with no hubby hahaha. 

He has plenty of trinkets from the past:

A quick glance on the FB page shows he gets plenty of tourists visiting.

The house is modern, but the things inside are uniquely traditional Malay. 

As we walked around we realised people have built their lives around the supposed “modern” houses. 

We can see inside the houses, are not much different than the normal wooden houses on the other parts of Kampong Ayer. Almost like the house is just a shell depicting modernity but hey inside they’re still clutching on to their traditions.

This one runs an interesting business out from the house – renting chairs for weddings and functions. They’re loading the chairs on that boat to be sent off somewhere.

Another operates a cafe.

Interesting glimpse into the lives of people living here. I cannot imagine the daily grind of buying groceries and lugging them from the boat to the kitchen (heavy!), buying gas, and how about going to work? 

Means early morning already need to go on the water taxi, where do they park? Gosh. It feels like so far away yet it’s literally just 1 minute boat ride from the city.

Finally our tour ended at this modern pier where another water taxi picked us up and sent us back to Yayasan. 

2016: Roundup, Highlights and Downlows

Did the year just zoomed pass? Hehe. December is here and 2017 is fast approaching – in less than 24 hours! I had so much fun this year so I’m going to try and list down some highlights for the year:



Our trip to the historic city of Ephesus, enigmatic Istanbul, breathtaking Cappadoccia as well as Athens, Greece.

What an amazing trip and what an experience!

Read all about it here:


This year, the husband and I, armed with Waze, for first time drove long distance to KK! How fun it is! The roads are very comfortable, the drive very easy and of course I love the company. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stayed at very comfortable Ming Garden Hotel, KK. ๐Ÿ™‚


I CANNOT get over this trip. The journey, sponsored by Tourism Indonesia, sees us jetting all over from Jakarta, Lombok, Banyuwangi, Makassar & Bandung!

I CAN’T believe I managed to climb a freaking volcano I REALLY CAN’T!

Read all about my trip here:


Back in Bangkok again this year but this time, with my favourite colleagues!

How amazing that we managed to catch the Elle Men Bangkok Fashion Week!

That super duper awesome fine dining experience at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon!

That DURIAN BUFFET at Emquartier!!!!

Everytime I come to Bangkok it is different!

For more photos, check out: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/53shadesofbangkok/


A solo trip for work, but hey that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy! Took the time to catch up with friends and eat!!!

Some highlights:

MORE photos on my instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/maurinatravel2016/ 



So glad I went on this trip!!! Collaborated with Brunei Tourism for this awesome weekend package and stayed in a campsite!

Read more about it here:


Scenic place for photos plus always a lovely place to enjoy a staycation ๐Ÿ™‚


Generally very hot to hang out here, but late afternoons, I love to take photos here!

Of course not to forget Bandarku Ceria (car-free Sunday events) held every Sunday in Bandar Seri Begawan.




A newly discovered beach! Find the simpang on the left as soon as u enter Muara after the first roundabout from highway.


Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I’m so tired of writing this post already!!!!

But I also wanted to say that my life has changed after the purchase of this device! 


I love it! Ok that’s all.

This has been the most wonderful year. Next year I look forward to more travels, and more new experiences.


Choose to be Happy

Today I found an article about choosing to be happy:

Sebenarnya, bahagia tidaklah butuh alasan. Kamu bahagia karena kamu ingin bahagia. Kamu tidak bahagia karena kamu tidak ingin bahagia. Sesederhana itu. Kamulah satu-satunya orang yang memegang kendali atas perasaanmu, jangan biarkan kebahagiaanmu terpatok pada seseorang atau sesuatu.

Roughly translated, it means, 

“Happiness does not need a reason. You are happy because you want/choose to be happy. You are unhappy because you choose to be unhappy. It’s as simple as that. You are the only one driving/controlling your state of happiness, and it is not dependent on someone or something.”

I find that so beautiful and deep in its simplicity. 

How to choose to be happy? By being content and grateful. 

Surely if one is never grateful then, she can have a million things from her list of wants and can never be satisfied. 

Alternatively if you have nothing, yet you are grateful in your nothingness- you are choosing to be happy. In some magical way, you are strangely fulfilled in your state of incompleteness.

Happiness should not be pegged to something that may or may not happen, something that have or have not happenned. 

Happiness should be free from material.

It should exist from within you. It is your choice. 

You are the driver of your own happiness. 

5 Things They Do in a Facial

To be honest I am a new facial convert. I am not a fan of people touching my face and lying in bed for a long time hanya untuk di seksa hahaa. But I did some work for a spa last year and it included doing a deep cleansing facial. 

IMMEDIATELY after the facial, I noticed my skin felt softer, much like a baby’s butt! But the best part was for a few weeks after the facial, my skin was glowing and radiant. 

I WAS HOOKED!  Siapa jua nda mau lawa?!!

Eversince then, facial is a regular part of my beauty routine. And I really highly recommend it to all you ladies (and gents!) yang mau lawa and kerapian macam aku.

So if you are new to the whole facial routine, here is basically what it entails:


I can tell u the aesthetician (yakni this is what u call a person who does your facial) will seriously clean you up. 

Because of this, I feel it’s best to do a facial at the end of a work day, before you go home to wind down. Suruh amah saja masak atau tapau ok. Lapas facial jangantah sibuk2 kan masak. Hubby hubby bah please apa jua sebulan sekali. All women need maintenance ok!


Yes they will apply a scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin cells that built up from your daily activities. After the scrub, usually I can immediately see my skin looking more bright. 

Why don’t the scrubs we use at home have this effect? I really dunno?!


At the hand of an unskilled aesthetician, this is painful!!! Basically she will extract blackheads to keep your pores clean and prevent acne so make sure u find an aesthetician with a gentle hand.

In some places, before extraction, they steam your face for a few minutes to “open up” your pores. Some aestheticians say it’s not necessary. 

To some, it can get uncomfortable so if you are one of those people, do specify that you don’t want the steam. 


Depending on the condition of your skin, there will be a mask applied. I’ve seen a mud mask, cream masks, gel masks, depending on your skin’s needs. 

By the way, my aesthetician recommends to use masks at home 2x a week to preserve your post-facial glow.


Some places have machines to massage your face- they range from simply improve blood circulation, to stimulating collagen production. Some just zap away bacteria that promotes acne… some have lifting and whitening function. Some are just cool to see hahaha. 

Looks like a karaoke machine hahaa…

But face massage can also be done by a skilled aesthetician with her hands, more often for a lifting effect. 

While I don’t enjoy people touching my face, I’ve grown to find it very nyaman!

This week I actually did a hydrating facial in a new salon called The Beauty Spot and I LOVE IT! Siuk, lawa dan nyaman the place. 

Check out my video below! 

Treatments are varied from hydrating, deep cleansing, to lifting and whitening and they even have a machine that supposedly sculpts much like botox. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ 

It’s definitely the best time to go try out a facial cause for your first treatment, you get 50% discount! 

For more info, check out their Instagram – @thebeautyspotbn

#GoTemburong Day 03: Bamboo Chicken, Rafting, Bangar Tamu, Burger Udang Galah

On the third day, we were supposed to wake up at 5am for a morning trek to catch a pretty sunrise.

We all woke up 730am – slept like BATU.

So no sunrise.

But breakfast was a beautiful spread of nasi lemak, eggs, baked beans, toast, and kuihs โ™ฅ๏ธ

I have to say Freme really is very experienced handling international tourists. They know to serve simple and seemingly local cuisine as well as foods that foreigners are more familiar with.

So since we missed the sunrise trekking, we had a more relaxing morning which began with a cooking class, followed by rafting, and a tour of Bangar. Check it out in my vlog below. ๐Ÿ™‚


Bamboo Chicken or Ayam Pansuh is an Iban dish which combines chicken, potatoes, garlic, tamarind, onions, lemongrass and ginger and then gently stewed in an actual bamboo over charcoal. The result is a lovely, tender chicken dish that soothes the soul.

Our guide, Fiona, who is an Iban herself mentioned that the dish is usually eaten with rice also cooked in bamboo – resembling lemang.

Both has a smoky and subtle bamboo flavour resulting from the vessel where it’s cooked. But more importantly it tastes very clean and wholesome.


One of our activities that day was rafting. I didn’t participate as I really can’t lift my arms ๐Ÿ˜‚ but Gzul and Shaf were really into it! Have a look at these posers haha.

And sudah siap kajah atu diusung bagai queen.

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Nda kan melambai!!!!


We has sometime to rest, had lunch and pack, and then off we went to Bangar.

In Bangar we had a walking tour, that ended at the Tamu.

We got to buy tidbits to bring home. Yums! Yam Chips, Wajid, and omg, best of all: BURGER UDANG GALAH.

I can’t even. NYAMAN BERABIS DI DUNIA!!! The paste on the handmade prawn patty are the prawn fats (otak udang!).


Take me back to Temburong!


It’s a bittersweet end as I seriously enjoyed this package and the company I had all the way! In the beginning I thought omg, hope I’ll survive ok haha – u know I love my urban comforts- internet, aircond, etc. But it actually reminded me how much I enjoy nature. I don’t really know how to describe it but it makes me feel alive.

Some people may think that it’s not suitable for kids but actually, in the campsite there was also a local family and a little boy having the best of times!

For more info on the package that we did, head on over to Brunei Tourism’s website. Thank you to Brunei Tourism who gave us the opportunity to experience this package and a million thank yous to our hosts both at AZ Back to Nature, as well as at the Freme Rainforest Lodge. I enjoyed myself completely andย highly recommend this package!

#GoTemburong Day 02: Canopy Walk, Adventure Activities, Rumah Panjang Kg Sibut

Thank you all for all the comments, Whatsapps, etc today about the package that I am doing. FYI I am doing the Campsite Experience which u can find out more from here. Also, check out DAY 01 activities here.

Day 2 makes me a bit nervous cause it is a big day!!! SO MANY ACTIVITIES TODAY! Check out my vlog of the day’s activities (it’s a bit long but omg banar2 kami non stop nya org tua tua RIBUT TAUFAN LAGI BERANTI!).


Woke up superrrrr early at 4am, to konon catch the sunrise up on the Canopy Walk at the Ulu Temburong National Park.ย It was a slippery climb and no surprise, we didnt make it to catch the sunrise. HAHA.

So annoyed cause not many nice photos of me here.

To get to the canopy walk, you need to go through the Keruing Hanging Bridge, named after a hardwood native in Temburong, and climb a hill, about 200-300 metres (I think). Please wear proper shoes as it does get super slippery after rain and I actually fell quite a couple of times (no surprise there hahaha – gravity challenged). HOLD ON TO THE HAND RAILS!

Many people ask me, if I get scared while climbing up. Honestly, it’s really scary. With my history of falling, slipping, etc, it doesnt really inspire confidence. Haha. But I feel like if you are super super super careful, and u just trust God, he’ll assist u to come up to see the heavens. My advice is to follow your gut feeling, and dont get forced into climbing if you are not confident and don’t look down! When you’re up there, it’s really undescribable, here u are withย the best view in Temburong – it is pretty crazy to miss.


I always hear about wasais, which means “small waterfall” in Brunei Malay and I’ve really only been to a a few but I have to say this one is the most beautiful and lawa I have ever seen.

The crystal clear water, the shade, the little cove where I like to sit. I really really like it here! Do check out the Youtube video up there and see how much we enjoyed it there. This wasai is kid friendly and siuk berabis di dunia macam i feel like inda mau balik. Spent quite a while and it’s also our last destination, before packing up, checking out and leaving for our second accomodation.


This place is 5 stars compared to our camp site hahahaha!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, we loved the campsite but it’s also very siok to come back to enjoy these comforts we so very much take for granted in our lives.

Our room which was a family room, had aircond, wifi, and that night we all slept like logs!!! Hahaha. The bathrooms were super clean, to be shared with all the guests in the lodge.


This accommodation is geared more towards adventure activities, for example there’s a bootcamp style set up, at the back u can do rock climbing on that wall, or u can do abseiling. Shaf, even did a flying fox thing (see in the Youtube Video above).

Freme is definitely big on safety. Harnesses are checked and triple checked, briefings are given everytime, everything is clear on what we can and cannot do, everything is clearly labelled. Our guides, Azeem & Fiona, are professional and systematic, as opposed to our hosts in the camping site who are more family-like and warm. However, both are super friendly and nice, and both places amaze me with their hospitality. โค


At night after dinner, we were supposed to go for a night walk. As you can imagine, I had enough of walking and climbing so we opted to visit a Rumah Panjang instead. I can tell u I REGRET NOT WEARING MAKEUP BECAUSE!!!!! we get to dress up in Iban traditional clothes and they are most definitely super fabulous!

The skirt is actually made of coins! I love it! And the hair piece. OMG suka ku berabis. FYI, this rumah panjang actually also operates as a homestay pasal dorang steady!!! Check out more info here.