Insecure men need to grow some balls

From Askbru,

“Hi askbru, I do understand that jealousy is a sign of love, but what if you just dont want to feel jealous? I experienced an occasion where me and my ex-bf fought because I did not feel jealous of his ex-gf msging him. Should I of been? My reasoning was that I trust him and that he was totally in love with me that the idea of him cheating or anything never crossed my mind. So why was he mad that I did not get jealous? It was ridiculous at that time though that he was forcing me to become jealous when in fact I didnt feel I was at all. It was one of the reasons we broke up. He keeps on saying I lie to myself and don’t express my true self and feelings to him. I just say there is a certain limit as to how much you are able to share (we were just in it for about a month plus) quite too early to really get intimate eh? Am I right? or is that just selfish? The thing to understand about me is that I am a free spirit, I am more into fun and friendships than intimate relationships- hey I guess I answered myself. Thats probably why we broke up.. hehe. I would love to hear your opinions on this. You touched a very interesting subject- Good on ya’! Can I say that your blog is an alter-ego of me, and that is a compliment. hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good Job. You should consider being a columnist. God Bless.”


15 thoughts on “Insecure men need to grow some balls

  1. Well, from the point of view of a guy, i think the guy in the story above is just being erm, lack of confident? And well, some girls(I assume the above are) are shy, and sometimes not that expressive. This thus make the guy think that she’s not in love with him, thus leads to all these. Many guys(I assume) felt the same, but most suppress the feeling, so the guy was being a bit too aggressive, I think. It shouldn’t be a problem after some time, when the guy can finally succeed in really ‘open’ the girls’ heart, but well, the guy above can’t wait for it, so, bye bye. @_@


  2. Hmm, that’s how my ex used to act. I don’t get jealous easily, and that really pissed him off. We broke up because I won’t marry him until I graduate, and he can’t wait until I graduate. Six months after the break up, he married another.
    So, I don’t think the guy is on a rebound, I believe he’s insecure, and wants to get in her panties, as he believe that is the only sign that she’s in love with him. Next thing you’ll know, he’ll tell her that he brings condoms whenever they go out. I also believe that he has another girl at the sidelines as well, to satisfy his needs.


  3. My boyfriend always brings up my questionable past. The truth is i don’t care too much about my past and have blocked out a lot as insignificant memories. He ALWAYS asks questions about my past. Stuff I don’t care to remember and wouldn’t care to repeat if I could. If someone comments on something from before he tells me, “you never told me about that” or “how come you never told me about that”. Mind you, these aren’t important things, like I used to be a man or I had twelve abortions or something. It’s just little stuff like, “you went to six flags with this guy. You never told me that!” He’s always listening to conversations I have with people on the phone and if he doesn’t figure out what I was talking about he’ll ask me or assume a different conversation had taken place. So much so that I don’t answer the phone when he’s around or if I feel I have to I’ll walk out of the room and talk. Now the big deal is, “Why are you walking out the room when yu’re on the phone or not answering your phone!” He’s a great boyfriend except for this insecure behavior. He’s reliable and dependable. The typical NICE GUY that I can only now appreciate because of all the creeps i used to be with. But even though I’ve moved on–he won’t let me. He wants to constantly revisit my past when i don’t care to. I don’t understand his obsession with my past.


  4. Guess I was a bit bored and came by this forum somehow….

    A good deal of men looking for intimate relationships are really looking for love. I can hear all the ladies laughing their heads off for this one. Men need sexual fulfillment in order for them to respond emotionally to a woman whilst women look for emotional fulfillment in order for them to respond sexually to the man. So now you see why women LOVE to talk and why women appreciate small thoughtful gifts as signs of affection or love whilst for most guys talking is a necessary punishment in most cases and expressions of love are measured by the volume of the deed.

    A few websites I can recommend are: (free webcast, you’ll love it)

    And a must buy book for all guys and gals is “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Yes we are as different as our genitals although we might use the same dictionary. Even the same word has two definitions.

    Better relationships and friendships everyone!!!


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