In the Movies: Joko Anwar’s Pengabdi Setan

Oh boy, I love my horror movies. In fact I pretty much only exclusively watch horror movies.

I don’t know what it is: the adrenaline rush, the suspense, the crazy makeup, or what?

Anyway, after IT this was my first foray to the cinema for a horror movie.


But first:

If you are planning to watch the latest version of Pengabdi Setan, I recommend you watch the older version first!

Here, I’ll wait.

The 1980s version is a highly meme-able movie, with memorably corny lines and superficial storyline which is much like most horror movies in the era.

In fact, I find it iconic of the era – the non stop on screen smoking (perhaps a heavy sponsorship from Djarum?), the cars and the house, the party Rita attended (in true 70s style), Darminah’s krebo hair, the blatant disregard of Islamic values and the comically frequent closeups!

If nothing, the movie imprints our mind with the first 10 minutes showing Muslim funeral proceedings in full detail.

It’s a movie worthy of the 80s. More importantly, it sets the background for the current version.

The current version of Pengabdi Setan is not a continuation of it, but rather a reboot. What that means basically u don’t need to watch the old one to understand the new, but there are certain parts of the movie you catch where it is an homage to the old version.

I caught some noteworthy ones:


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Choose to be Happy

Today I found an article about choosing to be happy:

Sebenarnya, bahagia tidaklah butuh alasan. Kamu bahagia karena kamu ingin bahagia. Kamu tidak bahagia karena kamu tidak ingin bahagia. Sesederhana itu. Kamulah satu-satunya orang yang memegang kendali atas perasaanmu, jangan biarkan kebahagiaanmu terpatok pada seseorang atau sesuatu.

Roughly translated, it means, 

“Happiness does not need a reason. You are happy because you want/choose to be happy. You are unhappy because you choose to be unhappy. It’s as simple as that. You are the only one driving/controlling your state of happiness, and it is not dependent on someone or something.”

I find that so beautiful and deep in its simplicity. 

How to choose to be happy? By being content and grateful. 

Surely if one is never grateful then, she can have a million things from her list of wants and can never be satisfied. 

Alternatively if you have nothing, yet you are grateful in your nothingness- you are choosing to be happy. In some magical way, you are strangely fulfilled in your state of incompleteness.

Happiness should not be pegged to something that may or may not happen, something that have or have not happenned. 

Happiness should be free from material.

It should exist from within you. It is your choice. 

You are the driver of your own happiness. 

5 Things They Do in a Facial

To be honest I am a new facial convert. I am not a fan of people touching my face and lying in bed for a long time hanya untuk di seksa hahaa. But I did some work for a spa last year and it included doing a deep cleansing facial. 

IMMEDIATELY after the facial, I noticed my skin felt softer, much like a baby’s butt! But the best part was for a few weeks after the facial, my skin was glowing and radiant. 

I WAS HOOKED!  Siapa jua nda mau lawa?!!

Eversince then, facial is a regular part of my beauty routine. And I really highly recommend it to all you ladies (and gents!) yang mau lawa and kerapian macam aku.

So if you are new to the whole facial routine, here is basically what it entails:


I can tell u the aesthetician (yakni this is what u call a person who does your facial) will seriously clean you up. 

Because of this, I feel it’s best to do a facial at the end of a work day, before you go home to wind down. Suruh amah saja masak atau tapau ok. Lapas facial jangantah sibuk2 kan masak. Hubby hubby bah please apa jua sebulan sekali. All women need maintenance ok!


Yes they will apply a scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin cells that built up from your daily activities. After the scrub, usually I can immediately see my skin looking more bright. 

Why don’t the scrubs we use at home have this effect? I really dunno?!


At the hand of an unskilled aesthetician, this is painful!!! Basically she will extract blackheads to keep your pores clean and prevent acne so make sure u find an aesthetician with a gentle hand.

In some places, before extraction, they steam your face for a few minutes to “open up” your pores. Some aestheticians say it’s not necessary. 

To some, it can get uncomfortable so if you are one of those people, do specify that you don’t want the steam. 


Depending on the condition of your skin, there will be a mask applied. I’ve seen a mud mask, cream masks, gel masks, depending on your skin’s needs. 

By the way, my aesthetician recommends to use masks at home 2x a week to preserve your post-facial glow.


Some places have machines to massage your face- they range from simply improve blood circulation, to stimulating collagen production. Some just zap away bacteria that promotes acne… some have lifting and whitening function. Some are just cool to see hahaha. 

Looks like a karaoke machine hahaa…

But face massage can also be done by a skilled aesthetician with her hands, more often for a lifting effect. 

While I don’t enjoy people touching my face, I’ve grown to find it very nyaman!

This week I actually did a hydrating facial in a new salon called The Beauty Spot and I LOVE IT! Siuk, lawa dan nyaman the place. 

Check out my video below! 

Treatments are varied from hydrating, deep cleansing, to lifting and whitening and they even have a machine that supposedly sculpts much like botox. 😱😱😱 

It’s definitely the best time to go try out a facial cause for your first treatment, you get 50% discount! 

For more info, check out their Instagram – @thebeautyspotbn


 No one would believe it but it happened!


In every literal sense! Like literally laid eggs.

You get what I mean??? EGGS!!!!

 AND THIS! It laid 2 eggs on my dad’s car.


It is confirmed I am living in a kampong.

Why would this hen even think that it’s an appropriate place to lay an egg?

Annoyingly now my car has marks on it and I am certainly not amused. I will eat her family as revenge.

Actually no, scratch that (pun), I am pretty amused hahahahahahahha!!!

BTW these hens belongs to my neighbours and everyday I have seen them pecking around our property/estate but never thought that they would actually come and decide to repay us hahaa.

Thank you hens we will keep your free range eggs. 

Guess what I’ll be having for breakfast?   

*photos are for illustration only hahaa… My mum reenacted the scene but those are real actual eggs from the hens!!!!!

Maurina & Hazidiee’s Wedding 3.3.13

Ok so I haven’t really blogged about only THE most important happening in my life – my wedding. So as you know, I finally got hitched with my favourite person in the world back in March. I guess I’ve blogged about some of the few things I did for the preparations. Nothing major haha.

We kept as much tradition as we could, but as I’m from Tutong, we didn’t really have a million functions or traditions to follow. So was able to keep it quite minimal.

(All photos taken from Wedding Party app)


Ok technically this is not an engagement ceremony per se. It’s basically his family came over to my house to ask formally for my hand in marriage and also so my family can communicate to them our “demands” (highly orchestrated – since we started planning the wedding since March 2012 haha).

But it’s nice to have a party at the house and see my cousins. Essentially this is my mum’s gig – she ran the show. We prepared food, doorgifts, and I dressed up too.

Doorgifts are my Mum’s homemade manisan made with love. Hehe.

Served food, catered by my sister’s sister in law’s friend. LOL. Information given to me was quite vague. But the food was excellent and they even covered our table. Haha.

While they were preparing downstairs, I was busy camwhoring upstairs. Wore a Cotton On Chiffon Blouse with some shoulder studs and a silver skirt I made during previous hari raya. Also wore my late grandmother’s silver belt and my hair up in a bun like how she used to do.

Also, wore a pair of Pearl Studs, which GD bought for me long time ago when we both started dating. ❤

Worth mentioning that my late grandmother was a very tiny woman so sometimes when I’m sitting down I cannot breathe haha.

Believe it or not this is my ONLY full length photo.

So his family came:

Discussed me for 5 minutes and the demands (permintaan). The rest of the time I think they were discussing stuff like how they know each other…… I’m not really sure.

So the permintaan are as below:

SO this is why I say it’s not really an engagement per se. Cause these demands haven’t been fulfilled. Haha. So they will be delivered on my Nikah. So I was engaged for like…20 minutes. Haha.

When it was all done, Waseem decides to be a baby.

NIKAH 1.3.13

The Nikah is what II would describe as as a flurry of activities. We did it at Masjid Al Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam, Jerudong Park. This event is hosted by GD’s family.

Here is the to-do list.

  1. I had to get ready at home, do my makeup and look pretty.
  2. Guests go directly to the venue. Most of my family will be there as well, to welcome guests.
  3. My sister who is in charge of the hantarans, have to be there early, so she can arrange and coordinate.
  4. I’m supposed to follow my dad and wait in the car until such time I am summoned.
  5. Will then wait in the small room where women pray.

Here we are camwhoring in the car. Ok maybe just me.

Obligatory hand bouquet shot. Made by yours truly. This is while waiting at the small prayer room.

In the mean time, the entourage outside discussed my hantarans.

Here they are:

Then when all is well, and accounted for, the men came in and asked Dad and me to sign documents.

Then they went out and I was summoned outside to the big hall to sit on the most uncomfortable cushion in the world.

After about 30 minutes, the wedding vows starts. Here is GD in his big shining moment. And there I was, cannot feel my legs. Or butt.

After akad nikah, yeayyyyy. We’re married! He can touch my forehead!!! Haha.

Also I can finally wear my BEAUTIFUL RINGS!!!!!!!

Then it was photo session time and then hurried home cause… I need to be scrubbed, again, by the Pengangun.

I really love the Masjid Jerudong venue plus lots of beautiful foliage outside to make beautiful photos. Plus they have chairs and tables for borrowing and no tents needed!


Reception or my Bersanding is done at a non-conventional venue. Growing up in Danau, I was always surrounded by beaches and trees. So I am really crazy about beaches and the thought of doing a wedding in a big stuffy hall makes me feel suffocated. Furthermore it’s a March wedding, the monsoon rains are gone, and we have windy mornings (boy was it windy!). I wanted to incorporate a beach, the waves and beautiful sky into the most important day in my life.

To tell u the truth, it really wasn’t that hard. Everything remains the same as a normal wedding you generally experience in a hall, but just…on a beach. So the concept really is a Malay wedding concept, bringing us back to those days when remember how we used to have weddings outside?

Parking was plenty, as my wedding was at 8am in the morning!

Yes 8am!!! I had to wake up at 430am that day to do lulur, mandi bunga and all that, and then do makeup at home, and by 7am was already at the venue, where my hairdresser was waiting to do my hair.

My eyes was so watery and very difficult to draw on my eyeliner and put on fake lashes. Haha!

Here are some early morning shots of the beautiful venue! Imagine it with some Bebel Gilberto Samba playing in the background. Put the playlist myself so if you were there that was all my FAVOURITE love songs ever.

It was such a beautiful day!

Meanwhile I was in the main building getting ready and having laughs with friends who came to visit and have breakfast!

Here’s my konon Elie Saab lookalike.

Back at the venue, guests were already starting to trickle in. (I know cause I get to see all these photos on the Wedding Party app)

The Reception Table:

Here is where you “sign in”

And receive doorgifts:

Then it was time for me to walk down the aisle! With Yuna’s Terukir di Bintang playing in the background.

Then I walked first and GD did Pusing Naga, Memecah Buluh and did the forehead thing again. Haha.

Then it was Majlis Berbasuh Kaki

Then people eat and then we sat and took photos?

And finally personally said goodbye to everyone who took the time to come. ❤

So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for coming to my wedding and most importantly thank you so much for uploading all these beautiful photos to the Wedding Party app so I write this blog post!

Travellogues: Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm

When I was in Manila last June, we went to an awesome honeybee farm in Silang, just outside Manila, on the way to Tagaytay: Ilog Maria.

It’s a quaint little place, it’s a honeybee farm! Hehe. But upon closer inspection, we found that it is more than just quaint, it strives to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

We saw solar panels installed.

According to these posters, they also make their own biodiesel for their trucks, and they have a windmill water pump.

And indeed their story of conservation and energy saving can be found on their website.

We produce our own water and distribute/irrigate without using electricity and without depleting our aquifer. We produce our own electricity from the sun and wind, eliminating about 80% of our Meralco bill.


We are already sufficient in biodiesel. Our gasoline fed cars emit a lot less pollutants from LPG. We have harnessed the sun and wood from our mini-forest to heat our water.

Cool right? Definitely something to inspire our local farmers.

Their bees are everywhere!

And for some reason, the also have turkey lurkeys happilly running around the farm haha.

And by happy I mean HAPPY!!!!

Must be mating season. -_____-”

But my favourite part of the bee farm is the shop! It’s so awesome!

Selling soaps, and products made from honey such as soap, shampoos, and all that! We wanted to buy the Ilog Maria honey but apparently that was sold out and backordered for the next 6 months. Wah! So laku!

Massage oils.

I bought a whole bunch of soaps.

I’ve been using them for the past few weeks. I’ve just finished Lavender Honey, so I’m now using Kalamansi Ginger.

It’s very mild and not drying at all. ❤ Best of all, it smells AMAZING! Love love!

Back in Brunei, I wish we have places here like Ilog Maria that uses simple local ingredients to produce amazing things! It’s like Lush, but much less expensive!

I’ve discovered that though we don’t have a honeybee farm, we do however have an awesome Virgin Coconut Oil producer in Tanjong Maya. They produce the coconut oil through cold pressing, and the product is pure and undiluted. I’ve been using it on my hair and well, I always get compliments hehe.

But so far, they only produce the oil. I wonder if they will be making oil products such as soap, cosmetics, body butters in the future?

I love companies that are ethically responsible, whether it be from their environmentally sustainable practices such as Lush (no packaging, natural ingredients), or anti cruelty policies such as The Body Shop (no animal testing). I’d rather spend a few more dollars (even from back then when I don’t have many dollars to spend) as I feel I get my money’s worth when what I use is not so harmful to other things on the planet.

As much as possible I try to eat and use organic products, and as much as possible I eat and use local produce. I always think that since I travel more than an “average jane” I need to offset my carbon footprint by doing all this. Also I find organic produce are fresher (without chemicals/pesticide, the don’t stay fresh very long) and results in better food!

I’m also quite lucky that my family are avid farmers, so we also get to eat our own produce once in a while, and I was raised knowing the value of cooking everything from scratch so I know where every single ingredient in my food is from.

So yes, lets all try to live responsibly, while we are still here. And, stay away from straws!

Travellogues: Fly-to-Seoul (June 2012)


A travellogue as usual, starts with a journey. This journey was VERY LONG AND TEDIOUS!!!

1. Arrive in Manila at 4am (blurry photo due to sleep deprivation). 2. Slept in a nearby hotel: Isabelle Garden Hotel

Here my friend Michelle ate a rotten tomato during breakfast. Haha.

3. 10 hours later, off to Incheon.

In the airport we got ourselves MiFis, in a fabulous blue pouch. In Korea, u MUST rent these MiFis (affectionately called Eggs) cause if you’re anything like me, u cannot live without internet.

4. Then catch a bus to Chungmuro, where our hotel is.

5. Finally arrived in our hotel: Chungmuro Residences. 

But not without much drama. We confidently went down one stop early LOL. And so got lost and tried getting help from locals. But that wasn’t much help cause we can’t speak Korean and they can;t speak English so we kalah-kalahan just take taxi.

The taxi of course brought us to the wrong hotel. And we tried asking the receptionist (who can speak English – but barely) to explain to our driver that this is the wrong hotel. But of course, he wouldn’t so we fought for a few minutes outside that hotel and culminated in a mass confusion whereby the hotel receptionist accused us of stealing his pen???

Don’t come to Korea at night. -.-“

We finally came to the hotel!!!!!

And dunno how to open the door. DRAMA!!! The receptionist in our hotel, refused to layan us. I think he thinks we’re stupid, cause it turns out the door is easy to open lah!!!!! Why we so sakai.

Room 1204. Twelve levels closer to heaven.

Even has a washing machine!

View of Seoul from the 12th floor


6. Bought a subway card: an absolute must in ANY city!

Subways are our primary mode of transportation.

View inside the Korean Subway. Oh and it’s cheap!

7. Gyeongbokgung Palace

This is where I met my new boyfriend.

And a lot of other tourists with guides.

And emm, these crazy people:

Welcome to the palace!

When we were there, there was the changing of the guards ceremony. That was interesting.

Note: The guard changing ceremony happens every hour so please no pushing!!!!

8. Gwanghwamun Square

This is where there is a super big statue of this guy: King Sejong.

Here’ a view from the front:

Statue is super big. King Sejong is the guy who invented the Hangeul system. I believe he also invented the sundial (ok just read his wikipedia page, he didn’t) but there’s a sundial in front of his statue: On the way to the square, we saw a group of locals praying, on the other side of the road. Strange kan? Then when we went pass by there later, we saw the trees have drip bags attached? Weird right? I really dunno what they’re for!

9. What I think is Jeju cuisine? I think this may be watercress.

Really yummy kimchi! My raw fish salad??? And the eggy rice which was actually quite nice: Fried fish! Also quite nice. Meal was nice but SUPER EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Bukchon Hanok Village This is where we got lost and ended up walking uphill for 15 minutes. My legs almost fell off and turns out, we went the wrong direction. *cries* Then walked downhill and went back to the above location haha.

But don’t blame us for not knowing how to follow this map!!! We did find our way in the end, but only cause there were many nice people around. May I just point out that have never been lost so many times ever before haha. Finally arrived there and it’s quite lovely!

Although my legs just wanna fall off lah. PAIN!!!!!!

We have to be quiet. Shhhh! Real people actually live here. Saw many Mercedes and BMWs and luxury cars here btw. Must be an affluent area cause old money. Keep wishing we’ll bump into someone rich hahahaha.

One house actually opens itself to visitors. It’s owned by an MP in the government or something. It’s so lovely! We get to see the inside of the traditional Korean house. Lawa! This is me in the kitchen. Posing. Actually I just want to sit down. These tiles in the toilet are so nice!!! View from outside is s pretty! We sat down in the end just enjoying some tea. Tea that tastes like TAPAI haha. But very nice and cooling! Kampaiiiii

Last photo 🙂

10. Marion Crepes

All that walking made us (me) hungry!!!! Crepe time. Had the strawberry icecream cheesecake with strawberry sauce. NYAMANNNNNNN!!!!!

11. Myeongdong Shopping District Shopping time!!!! Bought a LOT of makeup here this night (wasnt the only time we all went there). View below for SOME of makeup stash on first night.

I cannot help it! Makeup shops everywhere!!!

Really happening there in Myeongdong! There’s a constant stream of people coming from all directions.

So many people! Where did they come from?

I  very enjoy. Even the street food.

This lady making traditional Korean cookies kali. Nice!

12. Spicy Squid Restaurant

Then became very hungry so we ate at a really famous place which served ONLY squid. (Found cause we downloaded the app iTourSeoul) Oh yes, by the way, you MUST download the iTourSeoul app!!! It’s free and so awesome cause we get to find all these great places to eat and visit.

So anyway we went to this place that serves THE MOST AMAZING SPICY SQUID EVER!!!

Basically there’s no menu, no nothing, just squid. And a lady that cooks right in front of u, and she cooks to order. And the restaurant, has been around for past 50 years so u would imagine it’s pretty decent and easy to find. BUT NO! It sits in a nondescript alley, like places we go where we wanna get raped.

See what I mean??? We had to ask a staff from Holika Holika to show us the way. LOL.

Ordering was hard!

First of all, there’s no menu. The waitress was an old Korean lady, who do not speak English so we just randomly point to other people’s food to order. Then we googled “RICE”. Hahaha. She understood.

Then this lady starts cooking (sambil watching a TV and non concentrating on cooking).

Lo and behold, the spicy squid.

Had the spicy squid with really nice pickles!!!

Yellow pickles.

Cuboid white pickles.

Bigass plate of beansprouts!!!!

Nyaman lah here!!! Totally recommended. Also relatively cheap!

After that shopped more, and went back hotel, with JELLY legs, shaking like a mutha!!!


We started off the day feeling so tired. Haha. Well, we overexerted ourselves on the first day really. We tried to keep things simple on this day.

13. Lotte World

Our ticket.

There’s a story here. On the way to Lotte World, a few Koreans stopped us and sold us tickets. So strange! We thought they were scalpers, selling at expensive price so I thought that we should basically ignore them. But my kepo fren very friendly one, actually stop to listen. -______-”

Long story short, we bought the tickets from them! At quarter of the actual price. Lucky we don’t get scammed.

Here I am, trying to pose like a Korean.

And since it was a theme park, there were many little kiddies!

I ate a lot of junk as usual. Like churros and takoyakis.

BTW churros are surprisingly a common sight in Seoul. But takoyakis not so much:

They’r not as nice as the ones I had in Sendai. Hehehe.

Went on the hot air balloon rides.

Quite torturous waiting to go on the rides. Line was like 400000000 km long. Legs gave out again. They haven’t fully recovered from the walking the day before hahaha.

But I guess we get to see the bird’s eye view of the whole of Lotte World.

Suddenly felt super tired and hungry after this ride. Haha we’re old. Also we don’t recognise any of the mascots.

Lotte World is the biggest indoor theme park in the world. But we wanna get out.

14. Lotte Department Store

Lotte World is actually nestled inside a Lotte Mall, a really biggggggggg duty free Mall, meaning expensive imported stuff are cheaper by 20-30% from any other place in Seoul. When we were there the Mall was bustling with various activities. Of course we don’t really understand what was going on.

For example, why is everyone getting a massage here?

Some more it must have been some really good massage because many ladies sampai closed eyes!!!!

Then, when we were on the way up to the restaurants, some old people were just sitting on the waiting couches, having lunch. LOL

So relax until take off shoe!!! Haha. I find this quite funny!!!

15. Lunch at random Italian restaurant.

So sleepy yet hungry haha

We had boring prawn pastas, but Abang had yummy Squid Ink Pasta!

16. Do u know how much a cup of OJ costs in Seoul?

I keep on telling people that Seoul is an expensive country. You know why I say that? Cause simple, everyday things like juice like below:

Simple juice not even in a fancy glass costs below:

That’s about $5. I mean, it’s ordinary juice saja. Balum lagi yang branded!

17. Olympic Bridge over Han River

From the subway, we passed the Han River and saw the Olympic Bridge. Very nice here. We were on the way to the Dongdaemun Fashion Market.

18. Dongdaemun Fashion Market

Welcome to Dongdaemun, somewhere which can be potentially exciting for someone who is into fashion and erm, sewing.

So much fabric u can die

Lace stuff!!!

Reams of ribbons like u cannot believe!

Unfortunately, we are not DIY people haha. While it was novel, we didn’t really buy anything.

We were more excited by this real big cone haha

Walked further and bought some magnets for friends here:

Hung out outside this mall, but more cause we needed to sit down!!! Hahahah. Sakit kaki ani.

Many tourists here.

Then back to hotel for some much needed rest!!!!! Gila so tiring this day. Wanted to faint. LOL


19. N Seoul Tower

The next day awal awal pagi like crazy people we decided to climb a hill.

Sleepy face abang. I am actually like that behind my fake smile hahaha.

Feel so sweaty lah. Haha some more I was wearing WEDGES as my choice of footwear. I didn’t expect to do this much climbing ahahah.

Then we finally arrived on TOP.


Barutah got tickets.

BTW N Seoul Tower looks like this:

Below the tower, there are some padlock trees!

I find these padlocks super interesting! They symbolise everlasting love. Though I disagree? Love is freedom and trust, not being locked together. Hehe. But well, still makes it cute.

Obligatory tourist photo below:

Upstairs, we are at the highest point in Seoul, looking out towards an awesome (yet hazy) view.

Looking at this view strangely, I thought of the chorus in the song “Bengawan Solo”, specifically the line, “TERKURUNG GUNUNG SERIBU”, cause Seoul is just that; locked in between a thousand mountains. 🙂

The layout upstairs is remarkably similar to the Taipei 101. Nothing too special aside from the free wifi.

20. Teddy Bear Museum

This is the CUTEST museum I’ve ever been to!!!

LOL!!! Fat bears in dresses!!!

And there were many bears in different scenarios. From Korean history to modern Seoul life:

Nah going to the zoo.

Ada teddy chefs too!!!

Smart bears

Complete with fake scrolls hehe

Ada these military school teddies

Cute right!!!!!

21. Journey Down: Namsan Cable Car

As it turns out, there’s a cable car, heading down the Mt Namsan! Why we didn’t see this before??? Quickly we went to the station, but of course, we need to go down the stairs first, with our jelly legs.

Then we bought tickets~

Waited a while for our turn. The cable car was on the way up.

Rupanya inside the cable car no seats. Damn, have to stand up all the way down! *Lazy*

ANDDD it was also very hot!!! No ventilation except for this slightly open window. I swear ah I almost fainted. Already so many people and so many smells, then no ventilation, no seat. *Die*

Ada vain aunty hehehe so that was entertaining… for 3 seconds.

After a million years, finally arrived!

This is what we looked like suspended from a cable. Scary ah actually?


Astaga this place has many tangga. Already I have jelly legs, then I almost want to just commit suicide when I saw this:

Ya u wanna go up there??????

No thanks.

Thankfully there is an escalator next to these flight of stairs. GILA.

Some more, there’s a spa in Itaewon, where u have to climb 1 million steps in order to get to a spa. If in Brunei that spa would bankrupt.

Anyway, aside from stairs, Itaewon is famous for the halal food, which are mostly middleeastern fare. Nothing local unfortunately. Many orang puteh here too.

Spot the Hyundai. Hehe. This is a random street photo in Itaewon.

Saw this while walking around:

Hehe yea right on top of the London Tailor!

23. Pasha

At Itaewon, we had halal food! Yummers.

There is a really pretty waitress in this restaurant. And the waiters look like my Arabic lecturer in UBD. Hehe

Beef Shawarma in Pasha

It was very nice! And again, not so expensive.

CHicken also quite nice. But then again we were quite hungry after the morning’s excapades. Hehe.

24. Namdaemun Market

After Itaewon, we did more exercise, in the form of SHOPPING!!! Haha. We went to another market, Namdaemun.

SO. Many. People.

Where do all these people come from!!!

The shops go from end to end. SO MANY!!!

Amazingly all selling different things!!!

Some people were just playing board games. Scenes you’d see in a P Ramlee movie.

Shopped here so didn’t take many photos. Cause obviously hand full with plastic bag mah!!!

Just a note about the old ladies here. THEY REALLY LIKE PUSHING!!!! I don’t like!!! Sometimes I purposely tense up my body so cannot push but they add more force. Annoying thing is they do it with elbows. Painful ok!!!! *shakes fist at old Korean ladies who pushed me*

25. Concert at Myeongdong

That night yes, we went back to Myeongdong for more shopping! Hehehe and lo and behold! Ada concert!

It’s something like a talent show but the crowds seem to recognise the girls.

So many people! (I can’t seem to get used to this haha)

Up close.

Shazammed the song. Haha dunno lagu apa and if I hear it again, I won’t recognise it unfortunately.

Happy people!


25. Breakfast with Paris Baguette Cafe

I really like this bakery.

Blueberry Bagel with Maple Walnut Cream CHeese

Everyday we pass by Paris Baguette and they always smell like fresh bread. Kali one night we went in and everything was so nice!

Savoury Mushroom filled Donut


26. iPark Mall & IT Market Place???

Ok this is how I’m a bad blogger. I don’t really know what this lace is called. Basically, we went to Yongsan, to a place called iPark Mall. It is in the quest to find an awesome underwater camera, with a reasonable price.

Welcome to iPark Mall!

After that we walked in this tunnel.

Toward that place with the OKI sign.

It was very empty! Like literally we were the only customers.

FYI all the cameras are expensive. So the mission failed! But at least I have this picture hehehehe.

Even in the subway also empty!

27. Bennigan’s @ Seoul Station

We stopped at Seoul Station for lunch in this place we randomly chose called Bennigans. It’s a nice place, and judging from the lack of empty seats, it was quite popular.

Little did we know, this lunch was absolutely unforgettable for my friend, Michelle.

After ordering, we were served hot bread with yummy butter!!!

Happy face!

Then everyone’s order came:

Abang’s creamy seafood alfredo.

My shrimp fetucinne in cream sauce.

Gzul’s seafood marinara.

We enjoyed our food immensely, but Michelle’s food was last to arrive.

Then finally it came:

We were shocked cause IT WAS HUGE. Then Michelle was shocked cause it was deep fried. I was also shocked cause there was icing sugar on top. Haha…. Then we all collectively gasped cause it had fries.


Now Michelle, my friend is a super health freak! She is the kind to have grapes for breakfast. And she does triathlons in Singapore. She is very very healthy. So when this dish arrived I was like, “Eh so steady ah she eat deep fried sandwich!”

Hahahahahahah rupanya she didnt know!!!! She ate one bite only. SAYANG!!!! (She also don’t like to waste food) Then we all cannot help her finish cause ada meat inside.

So now when we wanna go out for lunch kah apa kah, we always say, Michelle u wanna eat sandwich??????? Hahahhaha.

BTW for the rest of us, our food really nyaman!!!

28. Hongdae

Welcome to Hongdae!

A cute place full of young people!

This place is  well known for it’s art scene, particularly cause it’s very close by to Hongik University.

But we were there for this:

29. Trick Eye Museum, Hongdae

It’s so awesome here!!!!!!! We had sooooo much funnnn!!!!

The entrance don’t look like much but once inside:

Hahaha Abang trying to open a can of Pocari.

Ai kurus.


Artis with girl from China. Haha


Not my friend.

For her fat soldiers. (Maybe eat too much sandwich)

One of my dream cars ehehe.



Me princess!

Life is like an hourglass glued to the table.

Flying without AirAsia.

Hahahahahahahah. Siuk right!!!!!? MUST GO IF YOU’RE IN SEOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes kami ani suka belakon bah.

DAY 5 (Our last day!)

Today we woke up SUPER late!!! FInally cukup sleep, then when wake up, we just stayed in bed for so long hehehehe. Holiday ma!

30. Lotteria

Korean version of McDonalds! And wah it’s so nyaman.

I ordered the Shrimp Burger Meal


And surprisingly shrimpy.

Greedy so ordered squid rings and also these potato cheese balls that are both deep fried and so nyaman also

Endorsed by famous celebrity so must be good. Haha.

31. Last shopping and hanging out at Myeongdong 

Yes we always go Myeongdong haha. Well it’s very near our hotel bah.

Had some sweet potato chips.

Though I wish I can have this long sausage that this baby is eating.

Saw a TV person! Yeay celebrity!

Got papparazi nearby.

Then saw a soldier wanting a free hug! Hehe

Hehehe. Cali!

Then more TV people!

Many pretty people.

32. Off to the airport

Then it rained for the first time! Hehe. Nice kan! The whole time we were there it was actually rainy season, but never rained. Only when we left it started raining. BTW this is when we’re supposed to catch a bus to the airport (same bus that sent us here). Then apparently, the bus changed the operating hours earlier.

So we had to take the subway. SO MANY STAIRS WHERE I HAD TO CARRY MY LUGGAGE ONE!!!!!!!!!! I almost died.

So we took the subway to Seoul Station, and then ran to the ticket kiosk. But closed!!!!!!! Must buy from vending machine!!!!

Ran here and there and finally took the LAST train from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport.

So drama!

33. Incheon International Airport

We’re here!

While waiting for our flight, I snacked so much LOL.

Mushroom Vegetarian Porridge

Bananas, nuts, sandwich, RICE, beef curry, tuna! LOL so random.

Then banana milk.

Then ONIGIRI hahaha…

I’m such a fatty!

Then we went on to our flight and arrived in Manila. But that’s a story for another blog post! 🙂