No one would believe it but it happened!


In every literal sense! Like literally laid eggs.

You get what I mean??? EGGS!!!!

 AND THIS! It laid 2 eggs on my dad’s car.


It is confirmed I am living in a kampong.

Why would this hen even think that it’s an appropriate place to lay an egg?

Annoyingly now my car has marks on it and I am certainly not amused. I will eat her family as revenge.

Actually no, scratch that (pun), I am pretty amused hahahahahahahha!!!

BTW these hens belongs to my neighbours and everyday I have seen them pecking around our property/estate but never thought that they would actually come and decide to repay us hahaa.

Thank you hens we will keep your free range eggs. 

Guess what I’ll be having for breakfast?   

*photos are for illustration only hahaa… My mum reenacted the scene but those are real actual eggs from the hens!!!!!

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