New Phone Again

So last Saturday, as I was putting on some aubergine eyeshadow from a Sephora pallete on my eyes, the laws of gravity declared that my phone should fall down from my dressing table.

I wasn’t too concerned cause the floor was carpetted but fate has it that it fell face down on a strategically located glass knob (I don’t know why we have fixings randomly strewn about the bedroom – it’s practically a death trap here).

When I finally picked up my phone, this is what it looks like:

This is the problem with iPhone 5C. FYI I have fixed the screen 2 times, each time costing $120 or so.

I am supposed to put a tempered glass thing on top but actually it is hard to find accessories for this model.

I also don’t like bulky casings.

So yes I thought I won’t fix the phone and just go ahead to get a new one. Went around a few shops in Kiulap and got an iPhone 6S 64GB at’s physical shop in Kiulap Mall.

Some people commented about my lack of survey for the perfect phone haha. 

FYI I don’t need surveys for a phone. I would never even consider any other phone or brand. I would just use my iPhone until it dies and move on to whatever current iPhone is now for sale. In my eyes, there’s iPhone and all other phones are “not iPhones”. 

All my contacts are in my icloud, my apps download automatically, with all my settings intact, and my photos are safe in my Dropbox – automatically backed up – so it’s really like having my old phone reincarnated into my new phone haha. 

Why would I want to torture myself with getting another non-iPhone?

The iPhone 6S seems lovely. I had to get the Rose Gold eventhough I actually prefer the Grey. Got a casing and a tempered glass thing. Hopefully it won’t die as fast as the 5C. So far so good! 

Anyway, are you like this? 

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