Escape Rooms

For the first time yesterday I tried out an Escape Room. You may have heard of few escape rooms popping up in few areas in Brunei – 2 in Kiulap, 1 in Gadong. 

It was part of activities organised by The Bank so we were teamed up with some lovely gentlemen from few other departments.

Anyway for those who has never heard of escape rooms, basically they are rooms, and you are locked in there (usually with no lights) and will need to solve puzzles, riddles and such in order to “escape”. Clues will be scattered all over and u will need to find and solve them within a given time limit. 

We finished ours in 39 minutes – which sounds long but actually went by really fast! We were told that our time is considered very good. Well I am not surprised la, we are very smart one hahaha.

Anyway apparently these games are popping up everywhere all over the world, and are extremely popular. I was thinking how games are more and more permeating our reality.

From the PS2, to Wii to PS3 – each one requires more and more physical activities. Barriers between the virtual and reality is now not as defined.

Perhaps future escape rooms, if they continue to be popular and relevant, will feature more and more technologies, holograms, and many more! Where the experience is more robust and awesome.

Well maybe. 

Here are some tips in case u feel like going soon:

  1. Keep everything 
  2. Don’t wear heels (cause i did and in the dark i stepped on a teammate whoops haha)
  3. Listen to your teammates 
  4. Communicate constantly 
  5. Have fun!

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