One of us not in photo (maternity leave haha)

I’m one of those lucky people who is blessed with plenty of good friends. But I particularly want to talk about these kids. 

We have been friends since very very very young and these girls have so much dirt on me it’s not funny.

One of them I met on my first day at of school and the others I met in highschool so u can seriously  imagine how many firsts we have experienced together.

Don’t get me wrong – I can tell my husband anything and he will listen and we also laugh a lot together, but lets face it, he sometimes doesn’t get my humor haha. 

Also, we have been through SO MANY INSIDE JOKES!!! My husband cannot compete haha.

These girls and I have the weirdest humor and jokes which I’ve never been able to share with anyone else! (Other people would never find it funny but we laugh till all the wind is knocked out of me banar tah- and I can tell u I LAUGH A LOT) Sometimes I find myself alone having laughing fits just because I suddenly recall something one of them said. Haha

I pity those who has been so unfortunate to share a restaurant with us haha.

And it’s not exclusively laughing either -sometimes we cry in restaurants too – to the confusion of waiters and waitresses. 

We accept each other for who we are, and to a certain extent, maybe we all have no choice cause we all know too many secrets about each other haha.

The thing is, I am so fortunate. I know they will always have my back and I know they will always tell me when I have lipstick on my teeth or food on my face. 

My life is not perfect, but I feel ok, confident, and my heart feels lighter simply because I have these kids in my life. 

So my wish today is, may you be blessed with your own set of best friends, who you can trust 100%, and you can confide in for anything!

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