4 Years Down The Road: BSB Masterplan

In 2010, I heard about the BSB Masterplan.

Then, I was very excited to see the BSB Masterplan video.

The most interesting bit for me was: Finally! Proper and convenient public transport system!

Well, it turns out, that a beautiful city comes with more than material costs.

Today is probably the last time I’ll ever visit Tua’s house in Kg Sungai Kedayan, quoted in the video as the “Kedayan River Corridor”. She is an 80 year old woman living with her husband, and is part of a relocation programme, for the BSB Masterplan. Their house will be demolished and replaced with a waterfront area.

Today, her house, and 2 others were the only 3 standing. Floating wooden planks from old houses lined the shores of the river. The authorities have already cut off all phone lines, and eventually, all facilities will be cut off. They were offered a modest house in the Katok Housing Scheme, as replacement but relocation is something very difficult, I imagine, for an 80 year old couple.

They will have to move their things, collected over the years, and witness all their memories torn down. Their support, though very hesitant, on the matter of development is extremely courageous.

Another thing that grips me is, what is the development on the BSB Masterplan? The communication on this in my opinion, has been pretty appalling. It does look as if the Masterplan sort of stalled. No budget? Or budget focused on housing schemes? Or project sidetracked by implementation of Syariah law? There seem to be no more discussions, or any White Papers to do with the Masterplan? What about stuff like, irrigation/flood control? Or the garbage problem? Disaster management? Food security? Housing? What are the milestones? What’s next?

One thought on “4 Years Down The Road: BSB Masterplan

  1. Exactly, our government have never thought of tackling the problems we currently have but to rather add more problems. They’ve never thought of improving our cities infrastructure in problems like traffic congestion and especially flood control. Our government is good at building useless infrastructures but never did proper maintenance if you agree. What happened to our country’s civil engineers?


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