One of those days

It is one of those days when I’ve made up my mind that I’d blog more often. Ever had one of those? So yes here I am.

So today I’ve just done a sungkai food tasting/sampling (cause it’s definitely not a review) for Freshco – who chose to do a sungkai buffet in their function hall. Oh boy, let me just say, that is definitely a buffet of epic proportions!

There was sushi, roast duck, Beijing duck, pastas, dim sum, and so much more, followed by free flow if Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Seriously! Food quality was not bad – for $29.80 per person.

I’m just thinking how as a nation, we sure love our food! And we love to eat out! I dunno if any of you remember last time there was a period where a lot of Bruneians really was not very keen on eating out in restaurants. People were very hesitant to dine out, cause of MSG, halal/haram issues, hygiene, expensive and so many things! 

Anyway don’t think issues above were particularly resolved, but somehow, people now dine out much more often than they used to, and that’s cool! 

Just cakap kosong this time. Follow me on Instagram to check out photos of our Food Tastings/Food Samplings during this Ramadhan.

Hope to blog more especially on my last few trips:

  • Honeymoon in Phuket (March 2013)
  • Solo in Johor (October 2013)
  • A Visit to Kuala Lumpur (October 2013)
  • Holiday in Bali (October 2013)
  • Trip to Paradise of Maldives (January 2014)
  • Back to Bangkok (March 2014)
  • Manila with a Husband (May 2014)
  • Manila with Bestfriends (June 2014)

So much backlog! Haha. Ciao for now! 

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