That website that exists for the sake of existing

I’m always critical of the state of the UBD website. Perhaps, if I am not so appalled at it’s lack of updates and overall maintenance, I would be less so judgemental. I hate the fact that it is so hyped up and the fact that it is pretty much the only source of online information connecting to the first and biggest University in the country yet it gets as much attention as a wet piece of spaghetti. It gets on my nerves when I realise the kind of budget, technology and talent we have in the University yet they are not realised and utilised to their full potential.

(Of course FBEPS have their own website and newspaper so they do not count)

Although, during the past few weeks, I have to admit that my own blog, is slowly turning into…. the UBD website. It’s hyped up, it doesn’t get updated often and it took physical action to get me to freshen up my links. Granted, I’m doing this pretty much for myself, alone, free of charge, and without obvious professional training. I also know that it won’t help me get my degree.

However before I turn this into a discussion (one way at that) about me, what’s their excuse?

I am really not asking for much. I want little things, example, for once, when I want to find out when the next holiday is, the real 2007 academic calendar would be up instead of this ridiculous table that offers an abysmal amount of information. Or when the the exam results come out, it would be wonderful if they could be posted up online on the day itself instead of waiting almost a week for them to be available.

The website is supposed to be helpful, remember?

Information about coming events (was the Study@UBD thing posted up online?), posting up past events (and pictures), they are all possible and would make checking up on the website much more exciting and meaningful.

Like this one for example, does it hurt to do some Googling to see whether the name of the movie is accurate or not? Forget links to the movie trailer or a simple Wiki entry to it. Just the correct movie name would suffice. And with that said, why must there be this “expired” entry still up? Unless UBD is in a time pod, this is definitely NOT an upcoming event. Is there some sort of a conspiracy where we make people think we have a time machine in the Physics department that I don’t know of?

What secret things happen in the ICT Centre that prevents this wonderful tool of disseminating information do its job? What goes on in there? I wish I know sometimes.

2 thoughts on “That website that exists for the sake of existing

  1. I just went through the UBD website and I have to agree with you M, it is a total disaster.

    I can think of two reasons why its such a mess: An IT person who thinks they can do content as well, or, an academic with all the writing skills who thinks they can design and maintain a website as well.

    This is why I like the blogging platform so much. Its a bridge between the two different skillsets required to maintain a successful website. Perhaps its time for UBD to consider re-vamping the site onto a wordpress platform…

    Its all about collaboration now… not just emailing one guy somewhere in ICTC so he can cut and paste onto the website.

    Everyone needs to take responsibility to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information. Especially for an academic website like UBD’s.


  2. AnakBrunei, I read your comment during lunchtime and for the whole day I have been thinking of the effects/consequences of turning a University website into something that works on a blogging platform. I have millions of questions! I couldn’t get my head around it yet I am excited by it. My head said:

    1. Will it undermine the authority of the UBD website?
    2. Website or blog then? Or just something… that uses the blogging platform
    3. How will it then operate? Magazine like?
    4. Who will have the authority to add/ammend/edit/delete content then?
    5. Since this is somewhat an official website, what kind of censorship level are we looking at?
    6. Who will be collaborating? Students? Lecturers? Or ICTC people? If all, then who?

    Putting it on a blogging platform will definitely make things easier I think. But it is… (I think) unchartered waters.

    Will the IT people… cooperate? Will they.. consider? It is such an exciting idea!


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