Roses of Miss Bloom, daylight will remember

Happy Birthday again… to me. 🙂

It is a special birthday this year apparently, where I actually turn 21. I say “apparently” because, well, I’ve never been bothered about age. I distinctly remember a foreign friend (a good friend) of mine saying how fixated with age we all are as a race that one of the first few things we ask people we meet is how old they are. But hey, I was 16 (or 17… oh I don’t know, YOUNG) at the time, and I was on mIRC* so forgive me for trying to avoid sleazy 35 year old paedophiles.

For those who find my ramblings boring, a lengthy one is coming ahead. You have been warned.

I’m the kind of person you’d expect to actually go and press…

“2007 – 1986 = 21”

…in the calculator a few days before the actual birthday itself because I cannot for the life of me remember how old I actually am. And it goes all ways, I also can never remember how old everyone else around me is.

But with that said, yes, so 21. Supposedly this is a magic number where after today, I magically reappear into the world as.. responsible.

So it does scream “irony” that I am entering into this new era with an expired IC (apparently it expired in December. I was prancing about my heels in India with an expired IC. WHO CHECKS!). I’m just sadly waiting for my meagre allowance to come out so I can pay for the fine with which I can renew the damn thing.

Ahhh allowance, that reminds me… I am entering this new chapter of my life… with exactly $0 in cash. But that’s okay.

Because I also might have come to the stinking realisation that… I might just be in the wrong profession. But hey, we’ll see what happens. This might just be… one of those feelings that third year degree students suffer from due to the impending end of study (and especially the things that come after).

Hey, I can write, I can bake… 😀 Life is good!

20 thoughts on “Roses of Miss Bloom, daylight will remember

  1. heppiiiii besdaaayyyyy!!!! dis dedikashen gos awt to mai littel sisteh, huu naw is not littel… wit de meseg hepi betdey tu yuuuuuu… wish u good health, prosperous.. and successful… ammmiiinnnnnnnnn!!!


  2. Eh, aku 22 ni this year ah. Jangan lupa. Hehehe. Kidding! 21 is a cool age to be in, and I don’t really care about age. Mr. Foreign Friend (we talking about the same friend here?) and I agreed on it! — Whoa. A first.

    Nada wah. This day is about you (and all the other people who share the same birthday as you.)

    Happy birthday again, Maurina. Nanti ku menagih tu, especially lapas ko buat IC mu (eh, Kad Pintar bah! 😛 )

    Oh, no. We’re sidetracking again. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 😀


  3. Happy Birthday Maurina! I wanna stay 21!! Haha.

    Wrong profession?? Awu eh, you’re talented in many different ways. This you can practice. It takes time. Whoever said teaching is easy is a liar! Kan kan. Hehe

    Happy birthday again! Have a good one. love love..


  4. maw sygku!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! jangan cakap tua sudah, awas! mun maw tua, AKU APATAH LAGI! hehe bah selamat menyambut hari lahir 🙂 lap u! mwah! and dillah pun cakap happy birthday


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