Rosy Replies

Hi everyone, thanks for the birthday greets! Shoutouts to:

Naz: Will work on our project soon yeah? Poor thing.

Clyde: Yhank Tou!

Ejah: To those who accidentally read this “dedication”, do forgive my borderline illiterate sister. She means well. *shudder*

Tina: Wooo, *insert lame joke about ID cards’ intelligence quotient*, eksen ku inda ingat bila kau menagih!

The Lazy Tatel: I’ve been having nightmares about my actual first day of teaching girl! I really think I’m in the wrong profession!

Nonnie: Apparently I drive like a 60 year old and Tina’s actually 40. Hope you feel younger.

Siti Syazwana: 😀 *muah* Stop playing squash and lets have coffee/tea/Milo ping next week!

Sulhi: Aww, and thanks for the advanced b’day present which you accidentally “left” in Brunei! LOL.

Affy: I’m sure I will!!! Thanks!

Jason: No, I just had…. class (you’d have seen the post at 3pm if it was really up to me). But yes it’s a good day! 😀

Memieku: HOI BUAT DISSERTATION JANGANTAH ONLINE! That said, the concept of age does not apply to short and skinny people. Hehe.

Metallichick: I know. I reiterate: An IC is a yellow card with an ugly picture you want to stash as deep as you can in the deep corners of your wallet! WHO CHECKS!!!

Ches: 😀 *hugs*



  1. happy belated birthday darling – sorry lambat, meant to wish u in friendster but it’s been down due to maintenance BLAHHHH!!!! xoxoxxoxoxo!!!



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