Must you close off that road during peak hours?

I have mentioned before how irked I get in the mornings when my daily drive to UBD is interrupted with car accidents. Most of the time, these accidents block up the highway lanes, cause a massive jam and will result in me coming very late to class. Though I am pleased to announce that this has not happened for a considerable while.

I reaaaally don’t like coming to class late, which is weird because my lecturer is not really that strict. She’s reasonably flexible, understanding even! It is more because everytime I come in late, there is an expression on her face that says, “MAURINA, YOU DISAPPOINT ME, YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH”…and everytime she does that, a fairy somewhere dies. It’s called guilt. Grr. Damn you conscience.

I digressed!

This morning, on my way to UBD, I knew something was amiss. Cars were not moving with the usual “traffic jam speed”and lines were substantially longer than usual. I knew instantly that there must be an accident further down the journey.

Do keep in mind that I was on Jalan Jerudong, many kilometres away from the coastal highway exit, but already, I can see the effects of the accident.

Then, after almost 40 minutes (usually it takes only 15 minutes or less) of seemingly endless accelerating and braking, and pulling over to the side two times to make way for two police cars tow pass (one to check what was going on, and another to escort a big ass Mercedes) I finally saw what caused the damage, and almost got a heart attack due to the ridicule of the situation.

Construction work! Being done during peak hours! OR SO YOU THINK!

They were just sitting there! While the people from the Sengkurong suburbs, Jerudong suburbs, commuters from the Tutong and commuters from the Belait district had to endure horrible/massive (pick an adjective, really) traffic jam!

WHY must the road be closed in the morning during PEAK hours is beyond me! The coastal highway is already congested with TWO lanes, and now with ONE lane, of course it does not get better. Waste of everyone’s time!

This is annoying me to no end! HUARGH! And guess what, on my way home, I saw that the area was still closed there was no visible change of any kind to the bridge from what I saw this morning. That means, tomorrow… is another traffic jam.

I. cannot. stand. driving. at. 20. kilometres. per. hour.

Someone buy me a helicopter.

4 thoughts on “Must you close off that road during peak hours?

  1. When I saw your photos, I was like “This girl takes such nice shot even when she has one hand on the steering wheel driving the car.”

    Sekali.. read the last part, fuah.. 20km/hr.. No wonder.


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