The first move

LSM is talking sexy.

I propose that Brunei bloggers start championing sex education. I know a number of you guys are teachers (or teachers-to-be) and what better way to affect a change in the local education system than by answering a call for public opinion? Blog about sex education, tell us your story, post facts and myths about contraceptives, whatever.

This call for more sexually educational posts from Bruneian Bloggers is basically a direct impact from Borneo Bulletin’s headlining article about the worrying trend of teenage mothers and Old Man with a Blog kicked it off by saying, prevention is better than cure.

It is a realistic thing to do, and although it probably would not stop them teens from having sex anyway (AHA, if they gonna do it, they gonna do it!) at least, they are making educated decisions about it.

So here it is: Let me start and do the first post.

Teenagers of Brunei, adhere to this mantra: NO GLOVE NO LOVE.

Picture from Wikipedia.

ALWAYS WEAR A FREAKING CONDOM. Ewww, teenage pregnancy is soooooo tacky! Why you ask? Because you are throwing away your future for a few seconds of pleasure! Not to mention all the HERPES.

Can you imagine: you could’ve gone far to University, get a degree and buy loads of Chanel handbags with the money you earn, but instead you end up being at home bored mindless scratching your fanny (herpes) and counting how many pennies you have left to buy daily groceries you can’t afford because you didn’t finish school.

Gentlemen, do the honourable thing: WEAR A CONDOM! Don’t bullshit and say, no glove is BETTER love. You’re just scared shit of buying it. It’s not that hard. Observe the three stepsto better and responsible sex:

1. Go to nearest Kadai Runcit

2. Look for Condom (check expiry date)

3. Purchase

Yes surprise. Guardian is not the only place on earth that sells condoms. GO BUY.

29 thoughts on “The first move

  1. That is a huge picture of the condom. HAHA. It is true that prevention is better than cure.

    Susah pasal MIB lah d sini. cannot talk talk bout sex- not MIB enuff. But, what the heck – there shud be sex education in school! Islam teachers can explain the dosa ness and the “akibat” of sex before marriage.


  2. The thing about explaining the dosaness is all well and good, but that is not gonna stop the temptation.

    (It’s always the bad things that ppl want to do…. )

    Since the Islam teachers can’t go and say if you do ‘berdosa’ use a condom, then someone else should tell them. (science teacher do teach about it)

    I think it’s more about the culture here where you don’t want to let ppl see you go buy a condom that is the problem, especially when ur a teenager

    my 2cents


  3. no use of lubes coz it breaks the glove (been reading a lot of CLEO) 😀 and stop the pornography club in this country its getting abit tooooo much and embarassing. :S


  4. dee, not when the lubes you use are water based such as KY jelly, and those snazzy Durex (with tingling sensation) ones. But the oil based ones such as vaseline and such are not recommended because the oil will cause the elasticity to babai and off the condom goes.

    hmm, i think i’ll be making every saturday: SEX SATURDAY. 😀


  5. WHOA, and Wow!!! I applaud you on raising such an important albeit “controversial” issue. But Sex Ed in Brunei? Hahaha… That will be the day! HAHAHAHAHA…

    ; P

    PS Echoes of Hahahahaha!!


  6. In Malaysia, they have sex education in schools where there are Muslims and Non Muslims. How they overcome the ‘MIB’ bit (if u get what i mean) is by having the class open and not compulsory. So if the students/parents disapprove, they don’t go…which I think is a good idea.

    Also, I think the sex education classes must include having one of those annoying baby dolls and big pregnant bodysuits so that girls can have a feel of what pregnancy and being a young mother is like!!! haha. Or even better have a live baby!!!! Little babies are cute but try spending with 1 baby for more than 1 hour alone – kapisan!!!


  7. “Also, I think the sex education classes must include having one of those annoying baby dolls and big pregnant bodysuits so that girls can have a feel of what pregnancy and being a young mother is like!!! haha. Or even better have a live baby!!!! Little babies are cute but try spending with 1 baby for more than 1 hour alone – kapisan!!!”

    Oh yea.. ive seen that. Have u read Sweet valley twins – something about the whole school getting married – so they were paired up, and each pair has got their “egg baby” in which they have to carry around, broken eggs mean.. well, ur not just ready. Plus, they need to work on a project and come up with financial stuff- that was the typical american way to teach sex edu and social issues? to teenagers. I thought it was a great idea. So they know what they’re in for.

    There should be a “SEX SATURDAY” post maurina! Double S.


  8. Regarding those baby dolls and pregnant bodysuits: teaching responsibility and consequences is a good thing, but demonizing sex and parenthood in the process doesn’t strike me as especially healthy.


  9. Kij, that’s a good point.

    I think more emphasis should also be given to STDs, so far no one has mentioned it yet it is more common than teen pregnancies. There’s that “if you can’t see it then it’s not a problem” thing going on.

    Also, some mentioned religious instruction, though teaching sex ed. in a predominantly Islamic perspective would not help those who are not Muslims. I mean, this is not only our problem, but also, problems of the Chinese, indians, and Orang Putehs too!

    Eclair, I see your point. LOL. Yes it is a rather funny thing to see: teen buying a condom. In fact, i find it funny even when an old geezer buys it. But if we’re pro-stop-teen-pregnancy, then we need to foster a mindset that is open towards teens buying them condoms. Steps as simple as talking about it more may help.

    Announcement: Every Saturday is a SEXed SATURDAY on Turquoise and Roses, because STD’s are evil.


  10. I guess the reason why people are not buying condoms is that they can be seen buying it. You know lah. It’s Brunei. The buyer di belakang can be nosy too. “Eh. Ia bali condom!” News travel fast.

    Imagine a black market for condoms. Buyers and sellers using codenames like they do for drugs. “Yo, ada Slip?” XD

    It’s a tricky issue, especially in Brunei, to deal with sex education. How do you advertise “Get your protection here” in shops without society labelling that shop and all the buyers in it “sex-craved”?

    Another related issue is dumped babies. Poor things. =(

    On another note, if alcohol can be sold over the counter at “the shop di Mall atu”, why can’t condoms?


  11. Know what.

    I personally know a guy friend who’s married and still find it shameful to buy a packet of condom.

    Thus the bundles of kids he has.

    Maybe we can start with having condom automatic vending machine.



  12. this reminds me abt this trip my gf and i made to the mall…we were waiting in line to pay for our shopping, and there were this couple infront of us…they didn look older than 17…and at first i thought the boy was carrying a backpack tebalik…when the boy turned towards us to get his wallet i was quite surprised to see the head of a sleeping took a while to register…i cudn stop staring (kesian the boy to get such unneeded attention from me) and the boy looked embarassed…sorry i had to use ‘boy’ to describe him, but he is really young!!!!he looked like if given a few more years he’d grow a foot more!!!!!i read it on the news all the time, and i take it for granted, but when u see this with ur own eyes you tend to open it wider…and yea, if u have to ‘nananana’ please use a condom…dont throw ur lives away just for a few mins of pleasure..yeah i like the condom dispenser idea..hopefully this wont promote premarital sex…but i tink it would…but better them having safe sex than unprotected sex right?eww..rashes, and things falling off…ewwwww..definitely safe sex…


  13. Hmm… I’m not that sure but I think the sex education in schools is still quite limited still in Malaysia. Heard of a trial program starting with city schools a few years back and then it’s been quite quiet… I’ll ask some of my teacher friends maybe.

    Anyway a condom dispenser really does sound like a good idea. Since some would insist on having pre-marital sex, it’s better that they stay safe.


  14. I’m not sure about “condom rules” but i like the “no glove no love” mantra. Spread it around. Maybe blogers can make a difference. After all, most surfers are teens in Brunei.


  15. I remember posting STDs along with sex ed in schools… It is important to know that STD is a part of the cycle.

    The term ‘if no symptoms, it’s not a problem’ is also very wrong as most STDs don’t produce symptoms and the sufferer won’t know that she ahs one until it’s too late e.g. being told that she can’t have babies due to an STD… or a man with STD but didn’t go to see doctor because of…shame? thinking that the blister will go away in a few days…and suddenly, he’s being told he gotta chop off his penis…aaargghhhh….


    Well… comments please… and yes, we should lobby Min of Education and Religious Affairs, to include sex ed in schools. err…. how do we do that without being exposed?


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