Omigod I’m out of time

Tuesday, 8th May

9am: Sociology of the School

2pm: Developmental Psychology

Wednesday, 9th May

2pm: Introduction to Education and Learning

Saturday, 12th May

2pm: Methods of Teaching I (TESL)

Wednesday, 16th May

9am: Methods of Teaching II (TESL)


I am absolutely HORRIFIED!  Have I mentioned I don’t like exams?

12 thoughts on “Omigod I’m out of time

  1. Hey, Sociology of the School! I took that years ago!! Haha brings back memories. Who taught it this time?

    If it makes you feel any better, your exams end before mine even begin.


  2. Yes haha. Jim Welsh is cool, but I think when I took it, only Dr Abdullah was teaching it. Unless it’s a different Abdullah?


  3. Dang, my exams are on 8,12,14,16 and 17, one paper on each day. This week the exams are in the morning, next week in the afternoon. Hehe.

    Good luck and wish me luck too!


  4. Heys…

    Gd luck…going through those excruciating exams is the beauty of our education system…NOT! bear with it..soon it will be over…

    yeah…what yr r u in n what course are u taking?



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