8 thoughts on “Woooh!

  1. Hehehheehehheehheh that’s a good catchphrase… I wonder where you got it from. q:

    The pic’s hilarious… and the car looks like my mum’s, but I assure you, she’d rather use our big car than do that…

    At least, I hope so. haha.


  2. hahah zippy, i’m pretty sure it’s not her, unless she happened to have a balding patch and a generous moustache. Oh and also driving in tutong.

    well, if that really is her, tell her i’m sorry for not honking? hahaha. apa eh nda kan ur mum bemisai.


  3. Mau, you’d be surprise :s

    Hehehe… kana pancarkan kilat karang [lurus kah, that phrase?]. I’M JUST JOKING, MUMMY DEAREST!


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