Want to take that walk with me?

Organised by the Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council

Millions of people are infected with HIV every year, people come up with ridiculous ideas on how they can get rid of HIV/AIDS.

  • In some parts of Asia, people infected with HIV are having sex with virgins – without protection, because they believed that it is a cure.
  • Teenagers as young as 13 year old, are caught in the act in classrooms, without protection, with multiple partners, in BRUNEI.
  • There are homosexuals selling themselves to foreign workers at the bus station in Bandar. These people have never been tested for HIV/AIDS.
  • They could very well be spreading the epidemic.

There is a large proportion of young people who are not concerned about being infected with HIV. But the key really is very very simple: prevention. But without awareness, it will be impossible.

So walk with me, my friends, fellow bloggers and members of the Brunei AIDS Council. Let us all don the colour red. Let us march in the name of protecting our children, grandchildren, sisters and brothers from this evil disease. Let us show the rest of the country that in the face of an epidemic, we unite.

Do feel free to use the above banner to spread the word. Non-rounded edges are also available here. No copyrights.

20 thoughts on “Want to take that walk with me?

  1. ^^ Wao red. Will the Matrix lady in red be there? 😛

    Btw, do we have a Brunei STD Awareness council, not just HIV/AIDS?


  2. LSM: Lets lets!!! 😀
    Unharm: Interesting thought. I don’t think so (but if there is then they’re obviously NOT doing their jobs very well haha) You can set it up love! 🙂


  3. “Teenagers as young as 13 year old, are caught in the act in classrooms, without protection, with multiple partners, in BRUNEI.”
    Huh? Really?


  4. With my very own eyes I’ve seen teenagers…yes definitely they’re teenagers perhaps 13-14…snogging in the cinema like there were nobody around them. My friend encountered a young couple actually did ‘it’ on the couple seat behind her, complete with the sounds and all.

    What on God’s green earth is happening?


  5. Its true you guys. Secondary schools are are getting sick of arranging females only or males only assemblies in schools to stop the, apparently called TREND. Form 5 boys are chasing after form 1 girls, girls are running a business in the school toilets- method of payment? EASI CARDS. Schools can only afford to try and make them stop, but it will not give them any justice if they can’t explain why. You will not believe your ears if I go on with my stories!

    Were raising funds to introduce more roadshows and workshops to educate these teens. Kids are growing up alot faster these days. It takes alot more than just encouraging, educating and persuading these kids. Talks are easy, but we are looking into practicing programs and workshops which works by touching their hearts and making them change their minds. Managing these programs are alot of money- but they are well worth it.

    This is exactly why, you need to walk with us and donate as much as you like, to the BDAC. Protect your family, your brothers and your sisters. There is only so much YOU can do, but with enough funding- we know EXACTLY what we need to do.


  6. They are teenagers. TEENAGERS – they are confused, stubborn, hard headed (ok the list goes on)

    How can “more roadshows and workshops to educate these teens” really help them? You know they are curious beings~ who enjoys experiencing sex and whatnot.WHO CARES what anyone says? Most of them are horny. Im pretty sure you know what its like to be a teenager. Remember those days? If u were to be stopped, tell me… would u?

    They are anything but passive, i guess its a good thing there is ‘something’ to educate them, however, brainwash their already (let me be a bit gentle – ‘dirty brain’)into something unsinful seems too far fetch.

    Even if we do something.. what makes us think that they will eventually listen? n stop what they do? How many teenagers bother to wake up and join the walk? and listen to all these lectures? n talk? I’m sure its minority of them – but im also positive that those teenagers who are going to come this sunday – are eventually those who are the “not-naughty” ones.

    So, i’m asking.. What can we really do to prevent this ‘dilemma’?


  7. Dear Didi,

    I think what the BDAC is aiming for is not for the total eradication of “stupid behaviour” from “stubborn teenagers”. They have the same intentions with the group that champions Sex Ed in the curriculum.

    They simply want the kids, while doing the “naughty sinful” things, to know the resonsibility it brings. Knowing this responsibility will help them prepare, for example by simple acts such as wearing a condom. Sex can be enjoyed that way no?

    Furthermore, while you acknowledge the teens’ passivity, you also forget how malleable and easilly influenced these teens are. They need positive encouragement, and a conducive environment that promotes healthy lives, and lifestyles. That includes also educating parents, teachers and practically everyone.

    Furthermore, your insinuation is that the only people having sex are actually teenagers. They are not. As adults, people are not all rational when dealing with this disease. It is scary. Upon discovery, they are drawn to crazy desperate behaviour no matter how farfetched it sounded. For example, as mentioned above, some men believed having sex with many virgins will cure this disease. Therefore there is a need for campaigns like this to affect all age groups.

    Of course it is not easy. It is a long process, which needs to be done from grassroots level. That is why a lot of funds is needed. A LOT. So why not we all just stop talking and start making a difference? Help the BDAC fill up their funds. If this is a cause you feel worth championing, then, I’ll see you Sunday. I’ll be the one wearing red.


  8. Dear Didi,
    If we know that our teenage population is in harms way, we can’t ignore it. Just because teenagers are stubborn and just because you think that no workshop or lectures will educate them- it does not mean that they won’t be able to pick up or understand whatever we preach.
    Every single parent is concerned about their kids. No, they’re HORRIFIED. You won’t be able to stop your child from having sex and what not, but you can always enlighten them about consequences such as emotional and physical consequences. It does not mean that we are ENDORSING it, we are just educating them.
    We teach teens to be abstinent, to protect themselves if they choose not to abstain. Everyone has a choice- and we respect their choices. Its not like we don’t know what teens are up to these days. What we do is, we make it known that we are aware of their choices. We lay out the good and the bad of their choices and remind them that either way, their choices will impact their future and that they should think of the consquences.
    It IS a challenge to educate teens about HIV/AIDS. It needs to be done. We have done our reasearch, we have conducted surverys. We found that we cannot bring these teenagers to us- you are wrong to say that they don’t need help. We get letters and emails annonymously. We leave boxes in schools for teens to write their questions before we conduct our workshops. Exactly why, we need to bring ourselves to them.
    Our workshops is not just a little lecture where you sit for hours and stare at slides. We are carefully trained by the UN and other HIV/AIDS training programs. Our workshops are cafrefully designed to accommodate each school, level of education, level of understanding and according to their ages.
    No matter how close-minded some teenagers are- we make sure that they KNOW about HIV/AIDS. Some teenagers I have come across didn’t think HIV/AIDS was real.
    When we educate one person about HIV/AIDS, its one LIFE. The more people we get to walk with us, the easier it is for our cause to be recognized, we can answer more questions and we’d know where and how to fix things.


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