Secret Single Behavour

The title for today’s post will not be alien to those who are familiar to the antics of Miss Carrie Bradshaw of New York, specifically a character from the award winning series of the early millenium, Sex and the City. Secret Single Behaviour (SSB) are basically things that we indulge in alone, and ONLY alone.

Charlotte’s SSB, for example, is to examine her pores on a magnified mirror for an hour before she goes to bed, if that is not indulgent, then I don’t know what is.

Mine on the other hand, is to be cooped up in my dark dark bedroom (all curtains drawed), me naked under my sheets, and going on a DVD marathon (or specifically, ONE DVD, being put on a loop). However, I won’t be watching the DVDs I put in the player, they will only be running in the background. What I’ll really be doing is, obsessing on my laptop, and Googling random things on the Internet like the script for Troy, or contemplating what certain foods we can’t get in Brunei would taste like, and checking out their recipes to see whether I can make them from scratch.

My mobile phone will conveniently be “out of batteries”, and though I’ll religiously check my email every hour, I totally block out all connection to the “outside world”.

Ah well, a little something something about me. 🙂 Oh I’ve been a really good blogger, posting something everyday. Well you just wait for tomorrow’s post, because it’s delicious.

3 thoughts on “Secret Single Behavour

  1. HAHAHA. Me too. Naked under the blanket n watch those dvd series.. grey’s anatomy, friends, sex and the city and looooaaaaaaaadssss more.


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