Am drooling while concocting this post

I believe Dreamcones has just lost one of its customers. Namely ME.


It was about 3pm and the Brunei sun was aburning like it was right above me. My car airconditioning system had forgotten that it is not a hairdryer again, and I was as far away from “chilly” as I can be. Down The Mall’s basement parking we went.

As I enter the sliding doors, I stopped in my tracks because Sister1 had just uttered one of the sweetest sentences I’ve heard this year,

“They have FROZEN YOGHURT here now, did you know?”


Dear reader, you have no idea, how much I love frozen yoghurt. It is one of my faaaaaavorite foods of all time. I can eat it plain, I can eat it with mangoes, strawberries, jelly, cornflakes, with anything!

Yes it is highly irregular that one of my favorite foods falls under “the healthier choice” for once. But lets not discuss that right now.

Let us discuss, this:

What more can you ask from your sweets? It has 98% less fat than normal ice-cream, it’s healthy and packed with that much-needed protein. Though portions were small to me, (but hey I’m big and greedy), it was satisfying. It felt fresh, simple, but definitely luscious.

The Uncle requested to not be put in the picture so hands will do. The frozen yoghurt is swirled masterfully. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The fro-yo’s are (only for now I hope) currently available in one flavour.

But thankfully, I was told that on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, a variety of berries, melons and other fruits will be available as toppings!

Just look at that delicious spoonful! It lingers in your mouth, slowly melting. On a hot day like today, the yoghurt (which has a higher freezing point than normal milk), slides down the throat like chilled ambrosia.

Exquisite delight.

If you want to experience the fro-yo’s, it is available at The Mall’s basement, on a cute little cart, next to the DVD/CD corner opposite the Utama Grand Supermarket counters. Definitely recommended!


On a more serious note, condolences to one of my dearest friends Tina, on the passing of her father last night. Let us all pray that he will rest in peace. Loads of love from my family and I. Al-Fatihah.  

5 thoughts on “Am drooling while concocting this post

  1. You know, there was a frozen yoghurt shop years and years ago in Yayasan. They stopped selling it ages ago though for some reason I never knew.

    Great that it’s back!


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