‘Twas me Mama’s birthday yesterday!

Meow looks on from her basket as the candles burned.

Yes it was! Happy birthday to MAMA!

But I must say, her cake had really stolen me. While undeniably aesthetically pleasing, to the minute details, tastewise, I was very very impressed! The white and fresh cream icing was so fluffy! Upon tasting, the fluff dissappears in your mouth leaving only the sponge and the ice-cream.

The half eaten slice

Inside, was the airiest, the lightest sponge cake I have ever tasted, encasing a generous layer of ivory white vanila ice cream. The best thing about this cake was, despite all the ice cream and the sponge, it really wasn’t that sweet!

Sweetness is a crucially important element when judging a cake in my health-conscious, diabetic family. So, imagine how happy some members were to, for once, be able to enjoy a FULL slice of cake, instead of the usual half, because it really was not that sweet (some even took seconds!).

Delicious delicious! The price, will surprise you as well; in a good way. 🙂 Head on over to Makcik Bake Shop, to find out. Yum!

I’m going to head downstairs to see if there are leftovers. Ciao!

6 thoughts on “‘Twas me Mama’s birthday yesterday!

  1. that looks like one hell of a cake! gergh and i’ve been craving for one for the past few days – thank you UBD for the delay in allowance again.. haha.. anyway dearest senior, im linking you yes?


  2. makcik bake shop ah? ok esok ku mencari. Once I saw the cake I want to taste eh. Happy Birthday to your mama..


  3. Maurinaaaassss~~~ i shudve have known better than eating that cake during my recovery ~~~hahaha, tapi nda rugi makan, nyamannnnn~~~~~~nyum nyum, Tapi balik rumah mikin teruk my sorethroat,hehhehehe


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