Late bloomers

A while ago, I told my green-fingered friend, B, that one of the more “famous” posts (turns out as one of the most in my blog is this past Mothers’ Day one where I related the tale of my mother and I outside in the middle of the night taking pictures of the elusive Midnight Blooming Syrus.

Apparently, my friend B had not one, but three blooming at his little garden late last night. Morning came, and fortunately it was still open and though a little floppy, it was looking very pretty. So he took pictures of them and kindly donated them to Turquoise and Roses. =)

So here they are, obviously clearer than the ones I took with my camera phone, complete with leaves and all for the flower enthusiasts out there. Enjoy!


They say a princess lives in there


Also read some more about the flower here. 🙂 Night!


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