UBD Exam Results are FINALLY online

Click image to be redirected to the UBD website.

According to my blog stats, at least 20 people Googles up “UBD EXAM RESULTS” or some form of it every day since it first came out. Well, it’s finally online (couldn’t they post it up earlier?) up at the UBD website, so go on ahead and knock yourselves out!

13 thoughts on “UBD Exam Results are FINALLY online

  1. I’m afriad if they do, it’ll be the first time Tina. Usually they will contact you personally if you applied for an education course, or one beautiful day, they will put up a list of names accessible only at UBD.


  2. Finally.. but no privacy, using registration no. to hide actually name is not enough. It would be better if ubd provide personal login page to view the person’s result only…


  3. Ohh, all righty then. I had forgotten how it was like in 2004 when I applied at UBD. Hehe. Cubatah ada ah. Nyeh.

    Duolulu, you’re a BSc. Computer Science student, no? Propose it, and make it real. 😉


  4. Hahaha, I have a knack for detail, really. It doesn’t take a genius.

    But anyway, maybe it’s about time someone makes a development on something people actually need, yea? Hee.


  5. Maurina… duolulu brain is just a lazy brain.

    Tina… to develop something is easy but to make changes is hard.. hehe. Btw, ubdians are gd in getting ppl detail… :D.


  6. what’s is a registration number anyway? ive checked out da web…but only da reg number wus given. cemana kan tau our reg number? i desperately wana know if i got accpted o not. rep me any1..asap


  7. Belle, i’m not entirely sure what you mean. A registration number is a unique 7-digit number that all UBD students is given at their entry to the university. If you sat for the exam, I’m very sure you would actually know your registration number.

    However, if you are referring to whether you are accepted for entry into UBD or not(and I think you are), I’m afraid that this post is about exam results for existing UBD students and has got nothing to do with you.

    The list you are concerned about, which is the list of the UBD new intake for August 2007, has not been published or even released yet. Usually, you will be informed through the radio, so just be patient and keep your ears open. Good luck!


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