Ya Allah, I’ve just woken up from a very bad dream. Very disturbing.

Anyway, I remember of a doa one could read to help recover from being scared in the middle of the night. So I Googled it up and came across one (and more). Combined with a few other surahs such as the mandatory Al-Fatihah and the 3 Kuls, insya Allah, one can sleep soundly like a baby again.

I wish I have an Arabic keyboard for these kinds of moments. 🙂

Doa for bad dreams:

Allahuma inni a’uzubika min amalisysyaithani wa sayyiaatil ahlaami”

Ertinya (translation):

Ya Allah, sessungguhnya aku berlindung kepada Mu dari perbuatan syaitan dari mimpi-mimpi yang buruk.

Oh Allah, I seek Your protection from the doings of the Syaitan in these bad dreams (literal translation)


2 thoughts on “Astaghfirullah

  1. Thank you for posting this up.. I sometimes experience what you did too. Glad to know theres something i can recite other than the 3 kuls 🙂


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