Launch of Baiduri Prestige

Yesterday, Rano and I were invited to the launch of the new Baiduri Prestige at the Empire Hotel and Country Club. Now I have to warn everyone, if you are looking forward to seeing NICE or even decent looking pictures, I’m afraid, none will be in this post. In case anyone forgets, I am operating on a Sony DSC-W30, in poor lighting. Rano, however, has the benefit of better picture-taking equipment, which can be seen below.

Disclaimers aside, the new and enhanced Baiduri Prestige, is (according to its press release), “a banking and lifestyle programme that aims to provide the highest level of service and support for its clientele”.

The programme has been redesigned based on 5 Principles of Prestige;

1. Personal Touch
2. Progression in Wealth
3. Priority Recognition
4. Privileges
5. Platinum Status

What this basically means is that, everyone who owns a Prestige account, will be assigned a Relationship Manager who will help to manage their overflowing wealth, via valuable financial consultation, exclusive banking services, and help them capitalize even further on investment opportunities so they will then become even richer.


Anyway, the launch went well, and Princess Masna was there officiating the launch. A very appropriate royal blue globe was presented to Her Royal Highness, as a token of appreciation, symbollising the “worldwide” milestone.

The whole thing was drenched with opulence, to the minute details, befitting the product being launched. Mr Pierre Imhof gave a short speech, thickly peppered with his trademark French accent.

There were a few minute technical glitches which weren’t very serious, but overall the event went through seamlessly. DJ Jenny (who I finally get to meet properly) was also there, as the MC. Her voice was instantly recognizable even before she finished saying “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

Outside, after the shebang, were exhibitors, showing their merchandise and tour packages. I went around and thought everything was quite interesting, especially the cruise packages to destinations such as Norway, Hawaii, and Langkawi.

Lastly, lunch came after all that, and we were served an excellent spread of international cuisine.


Congratulations Baiduri and for throwing such a well organised event! I’m proud to say that I’m a patron and am looking forward to more improvements in the future. 🙂

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