Girl (bloggers) Just Wanna Have Fun

Ok so I’m the fourth person to blog about the Girly Bloggers’ Lunch. This came right after the Empire lunch that I had. Needless to say, by the end of the day I was bursting out of my baju kurong.

It all started when Nonnie posted a message on the Girly Bloggers’ Googlegroup (yes we have one, so if you are a girl blogger, and wish to be included in future Girly Blogger outings, please do not hesitate to email me for an invitation). Anyway, this is what she said:

Hi darlings,

Wanna go out lunch or tea this week?
How about this Thursday? Or Friday?

Erm, and Rosie said no sushi.


So we all went: YES, and I suggested Red Canopy as a meeting place.

Picture courtesy of Rosie‘s camera. From left laughing their heads off: Ness, Dee, War and Me. Also present were Atul, , Tina and Nonnie.

Anyway, I am not kidding: we laughed so hard that day! At one point, I thought we were chasing away other customers who were also there. The lunch was followed by mocca and chai at Fleur De Lys. I was thankful for the strong seams on my baju kurong.

Conversation that ensued (in no particular order):

  • Flaming comments are always very personal
  • I’m not from Arabic school
  • Interesting birthday presents
  • Incest, murder and other heinous crimes
  • Outward Bound Temburong
  • Importance of context while meeting other bloggers
  • Brother of one of the bloggers
  • Staccato
  • Ambulance chasers
  • Photoshopping blemishes
  • War’s signature pose
  • Leave-on shampoo

….whew! and I say YES to bowling!

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14 thoughts on “Girl (bloggers) Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. “Im a cheebye” hahaha buleh lagi..Sama bercakap sama operator ahh.. “Does F*** you compute?” Aduuhh pacah parut ehh..


  2. Few days ago i was calling telbru to complain about my espeed. While pressing for options i remember the eff u joke, was laughing so hard i had to hang up. Lol. Bida jua tu mun operator menjawab kali aku ketawa on the other line ‘ha ha ha eff u! Geddit! Ha ha ha’



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