Monday miscellany: Disciplinary action

Simpan di Internet says Cikgu S

After several oral warnings, of course. The boy’s response? Miang.

Well, I guess I won’t be seeing any of these in a while. 🙂 I’m officially on holiday.

8 thoughts on “Monday miscellany: Disciplinary action

  1. i remember waktu skulah ugama, the teachers bring out a duster (yg wooden atu, bukan yg modern plastic) and then hit the nails if they limpas the fingers. Sakit ah. i think that is why i am a compulsive nail-biter trying to quit and failing miserably. XD

    Waktu di MS, gals aren’t supposed to wear bright-coloured bras. Mesti “skin-colour”…. Hahaha. Ada jua gadis2 yg molek yg inda peduli atu.. Those girls and the ones who don’t wear kain lapis were the exciting highlights of the schoolday.. 😉 Disciplinary action (don’t remember what it was) didn’t go well. They just love the attention.

    There was one time in JIS, a fellow classmate of mine, inda hantar classwork-turned-to-homework. The teacher emptied his bag inside out and found a special kind of “balloon”. The teacher paraded it in front of the whole class and brought it up the next week. I think the embarrassment solved the problem, he was seen trying to complete his work after that.

    Mau: Happy holidays!


  2. I do find these kind of measures.. very draconian… What has hair got to do with excelling in education. I agree about discipline. To me, if any of the teachers have any problem with my children, they should talk to me and let the parents deal with the kids… not teachers putting law in their own hands.
    We do live in a different era and times have move on..
    So.. Ms Mau.. I hope when u become a teacher.. you will not do such a thing but help students to be independent in their thinking and nurture them.


  3. Pablo: Don’t look at me. I used to wear purple striped socks to school for the sake of spite towards discipline teachers! Nyahaha. Hardly the person to impose boring rules.

    But seriously, from my observation, it all boils down to the supposed “school reputation” lah. School officials are very sensitive about having students “staining” the school’s name. It’s all very typical Bruneian I thought.

    However, it’s wonderful that you are very hands on with your children’s educational and disciplinary development and I hope I’ll have half of what you have with them one day, but about 70% of other parents really just can’t be bothered (for the lack of a better phrase). This is a very annoying situation and apa nya urang, BARI GERGITAN. Grrrrr.

    In the end, teachers lah have to take matters into their own hands when their anak go to a downward spiral (happens a LOT).

    Un6: I think in these punishment matters, cikgu sekulah ugama are the WORST! I’ve heard horror stories! But that JIS teacher is surely something! Eeeeek!


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