Wednesday Woes because it’s very long and about an asshole haha

I really don’t feel like blogging today, but here I am in my WYSIWYG WordPress editor. Sigh. Tina says I should write about my love life. I’ve dated a lot of guys, I’m sure we can work something out. Let’s see what we have which can be read by minors.

Oh yes, I had an asshole boyfriend once. He is still an asshole the last time I checked. I know, I know, if he’s such an asshole why was I with him? Well, to tell the truth (and at the risk of being labelled “having bad taste”), I thought he was cute when we started dating. Though he was actually rather dim.

I think I liked being the smart one, and always having the answers to everything. He was the kind to pronounce the “h” sound when saying “honest”. It’s quite funny, hehe, but obviously I don’t let that get to me. I mean, if I were to base my opinions on people through their English proficiency, I’d be single my whole life.

In retrospect, we had too much in common anyway: I was stubborn and he was stubborn, you know those kinds of things. It eventually lead to a lot of friction every single time we didn’t agree on something. Of course, I was young and he was young, I thought that they were “healthy” fights. But really, they were just disagreements that never got resolved.

But it wasn’t all yucky really. It was pleasant enough in the beginning. He planned a nice little surprise during my birthday. That was cute. I think he brought it up when we broke up. Something about him giving me a little birthday surprise so I should be indebted to him forever. Eww.

God, he is such as asshole. He used to yell at me all the time. Sheesh. When I yelled back with my supposedly “smart” remarks he usually goes all double standard and says, “how dare you yell at me, I’m your boyfriend”. Cringe. I should’ve seen the signs really. He was violent.

Of course aside from him being as asshole and there was also a bunch of other reasons why we broke up but I think he reached the pinnacle of his assholeness when I dumped him (for a sweet guy I just met). That must have been painful. Well, I say, it takes two to tango. Humph.

Now that new guy, now he was something. But then, there was too much going on, stuff we can’t control and, in the end there was just too much going on with my life and his life and that had to end. Fate came in. He’s in a better place now. 🙂

Then came a series of dates, which was horrible and fun both at the same time. But I believe that is a story for another day. For now, stay away from assholes.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday Woes because it’s very long and about an asshole haha

  1. Hehe.. i find this post is funny. A girl friend of mine once said, a girl dumps his bf is not because of the girl has a new one, but because his bf is a loser.

    Being too nice is also a problem!!!


  2. I once had a beau who threatened me with the kitchen knife. And yet I stayed with him. Clearly that was a sign to get out. But LAB IS BALAIND. Paloi wah dulu atu.


  3. ingat ku tu bf asshole mu atu maw.. eee.. mbari kan langgar pakai kereta wah..
    ‘H’onestly maw.. why’d u stayed with him for so long, we don’t know why..

    ayt.. gtg.. got class in an ‘H’our! hehe.
    my english, up to ur standard maw? hehe


  4. LOL!!! “H”andal English mu tu bui. Awu Bah, jangan tah kau, aku ani lagi rasa kan melanggar pakai TRAILER. Grr, antah mengapa kali, inda jua berapa. Ada jua taim nya baik kononnya. EH antah eh, apa nya si Ness, LAP IS BALAIND.


  5. Same.. I had a stupid violent boyfriend before too. And he just said that because he’s my boyfriend so I had to listen to him.

    No matter right or wrong.

    It only lasted for a year.


  6. Eh sama tu Ness eh kitchen knife and whatnot. Stupid! Buta tah banar. 3 taun! Man, seriously, 3 years!

    P.S. Suka ku post mu ani cali hehe. 😀


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