ICC Berakas: Black magic paraphernalia (Part II)

This post is a continuation of the last one.

I actually have some more pictures of the exhibits at ICC Berakas however I didn’t think they were good enough to be posted as some were a bit lopsided, some were blurry and others had too much reflection from the glass cases. Then there is the problem of me not knowing what the objects are in English and having difficulties translating some words.

Anyway I’ll just try my best. I remain not responsible for any headaches, eye problems, neck problems or whatever physical ailments caused by the viewing of the following blurry and lopsided pictures. Hehe.


“Tahi Bintang” – Pieces from meteorites

Hmm, doubtful of their authenticity. Claimed to be able to keep the owner away from danger and increase their physical and inner strength.


“Susuk Jarum Emas” – Gold charm needles

In Malayan culture, susuks, or charm needles, are needles made of gold or other precious metals, which are inserted in the soft tissues of the face to act as talismans. The practice pre-dates the Islamicization of the region, and is prohibited by Islamic scholars as haraam. Susuks have various supposed purposes, ranging from the purely aesthetic to the treatment of joint pain and other minor ailments or to protection against injury and accident. (From Wikipedia)


“Sempua Cina” – Chinese abacus

Well, I know it is a great invention and all but that doesn’t mean one should go and worship the abacus! What happens when they meet the calculator? Hehe anyway, this abacus is believed to be able to attract money and help one win the lottery.


“Mustika Kijang Hitam dan Putih” – Black and White Bezoars of the Deer

In short – furball. For hexing and cursing.


“Minyak Cenuai Jantan dan Betina” – Love potions for male and female

Name self explanatory.


“Keris Mataram Tikam Di Batu” – Mataram Keris Stabbed onto a Rock

For intimidating enemies. Hmm.


“Kayu Pasung Hantu” – Ghost Trapper

As the name suggests, a device used to trap ghosts. Eerie. Not sure whether the candle come with.  Not sure why it is pink either.


“Kain Kelambu Kaabah” – Sheath of the Holy Kaabah

The black fabric from the Holy Kaabah is unfortunately used by irresponsible people as amulets for bringing good fortune, physical strength and preventing evil curses and hexes.


“Daun yang bertulis dengan nama Allah” – Leaves with Allah’s name

Sure they’re unique and all, that is Allah’s creation. Sometimes I guess he leaves signatures. But we must not start prostrating to these leaves. At the end of the day they’re just leaves and Allah is the Creator.

Remember also that there are a lot of con artists out there, and these leaves are easilly replicated with bleach. It is just a matter of removing the chlorophyll.



“Candu Baghdad” – Baghdad Opium

Claimed to be be able to repel evil spirits and curses. Drugs kill.


“Burung Cenderawasih” – Phoenix

Sure we all read Harry Potter, and Dumbledore had a Phoenix that had tears. But it is all J K Rowling’s creation. We generally believe that the phoenix is only a mythical bird that does not exist. Some people apparently think that the phoenix does exist, and seek it because it has powers to make people obey and submit to the owner. It is also claimed to be able to make the owner retain power and influence (if the owner is a ruler/king).


“Gambar Boraq” – Picture of Boraq

You remember the Boraq no? It’s an animal, mentioned in the AlQuran as having descended from the heavens during Isra Mikraj to carry the Prophet up. In Islam, these caricatures of any person, or creature from the Al Quran are simply not permissible and considered blasphemous. Some people put pictures such as these at home to bring good fortune.


“Gambar Bahtera Nabi Nuh a.s.” – Picture of Prophet Nuh and his ark

Another picture deemed blasphemous. Come to think of it, not very accurate either. In the Tale of Nabi Nuh, he was required to bring one pair of each animal species: one male and one female. I can see clearly two male peacocks. By the way, it’s Isra’ Mikraj today! 😀

Anyway, some people believe hanging this picture is believed to bring good fortune and can help shield one from evil curses.


That’s all the pictures I have in my possession. There are more at the ICC exhibition so why not head down? 😀

13 thoughts on “ICC Berakas: Black magic paraphernalia (Part II)

  1. Oh wow, really wow. too bad i chose not to follow the trip with my school mates. i tot majlis ilmu means like selling books and all. didnt know they got these kind of things too. regret lahhh! aahahah but thanks to u i cn see. yay!i shall mention about this in my blog. im a big fan of those paranormal stuffs!


  2. Tibadak: awu centaur from India hehe
    Stels: Stels go ahead! But you should really go, there were more stuff there also. This is only a fraction.
    Faz: Heheh no problem Allah will protect you. Masuk sajaaa.


  3. the love potion atu, my mom’s friends joked, ‘which one jantan, which one betina?’ hehe.
    And the burung cenderawasih are birds of paradise. It is real, actually, but it’s just a bird. Nothing special, aside from the really long tail it possessed, which serve the same function as the peacock’s elaborate tale, that is, to attract mates.


  4. I was wondering what the Boraq is, thanks for the info 🙂

    and where’s the other male peacock? Ive been staring at the pic, macam where’s waldo rasanya haha.


  5. snowshoed, one is on the dome thingie right with the feathers spread.. and the other with the feathers not spread is on the mast (white). hehe. only male peacocks have fancy schmancy feathers. 🙂


  6. Cool, I was hoping someone would blog about this exhibition! Do you notice the susuk picture you took, at first glance I thought I saw an eyeball, an upside down face with the eyeball at the bottom…spooky! You see why I would never go for these kind of exhibition! Too imaginative!


  7. eeee… real live human eyeball in an exhibition! hahah can u imagine. anyway i saw i saw! it does look liike an eyeball. much thanks to my photography skills. 😛 anyway, so rugi dont come, the exhibition was really nice. hehe.


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