Monday Miscellany: Things people write after semi colons

Felt quite raw going straight back into a full 8am-3pm schedule after relaxing for 3 whole days. I’m really exhausted though I suspect that is caused by the heat more than anything. Is it hot today or what!

Anyway, I’m just going to post up some random photos I took during the long weekend. hopefully I won’t be saying too many things. You know how I tend to get carried away.

My small cousin and a bunch of spring rolls. Both came for the Isra Mikraj function we had in beach town, Danau. 🙂

Brunei traditional kuih, the very airy penyaram, made from flour, water, and palm sugar. Hmm, maybe eggs as well. Not really sure, but it’s sweet, and since it’s deep fried, have delicious crunchy edges, and unfortunately can be quite oily. According to old folks’ pantang larang (set of rules which are taboo when broken), to successfully make delicious penyaram with airy insides, one must not laugh out loud during the making otherwise the penyaram will turn out flat and unappetising.

From TESL Monday (today!) at Funbread Cafe, Gadong. This was Honey Bunny’s lunch. Not really sure what it is called but basically it is grilled tomatoes, grilled tiger prawns, parmesan and al dente fetucinne smothered in a light, savoury tomato sauce. Had a little bite and found that it was quite yummy- light and simple. It’s quite an uncomplicated dish with uncomplicated ingredients. Our only complaint would have to be: it came sooooooooooo slow! We waited almost 30 minutes for each dish, and this particular one took about 40 minutes.

Kembayau. Local delicacy, which is usually bathed and confined in a basin of salt water until soft and either eaten straight away or with dips of soy and sugar. The fruit is seasonal, and during off-season times, it can command a very high price at the markets. Many people describe the taste of the kembayau as very similar to the avocado, but earthier. Definitely an acquired taste.

The fruit that needs no introduction! Durian! Durian enthusiasts! It’s fruit season in Tutong!

My father went with his brother on Saturday picking these babies up from Bukit Udal, where his precious hobby farm is. The flesh is orange in colour, and the taste and smell is less tangy and of a deeper intensity than the conventional Thai durians. The fruit itself is also smaller in size and they grow free range and free from inorganic fertiliser.

And of course, it’s was also Mi Babah’s birthday yesterday! Hehe, green jelly cake with a background picturing the remnants of a big durian feast. Happy birthday Babah!

Oh by the way, I forgot:



10 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany: Things people write after semi colons

  1. Durian kuning! 😀 I had my first share of the season just this afternoon!


    And those springrolls look delish! (Can you tell that I am a fan? Hehe.)


  2. what’s a hobby farm? is it like… a farm… untuk main2 saja?

    i wish i knew how to eat kembayau. i think should be our national fruit. because why, it is black and yellow. 😛 hahaha


  3. shasha.. anu bah macam kabun yang saja2.. hehehe. apa kan tu lurus kah hobby farm? i cant think of another word. :S anyway kembayau as the national fruit? interesting idea: i never heard of malaysians eating kembayau either. org brunei kali saja pandai????

    Metallichick, the cake is from, jeng jeng jeng, HUA HO heheheehehehehehehe. I didnt write it down because I thought many would actually recognise the mass produced cakes. Hehe. It was vanilla sponge, with buttercream filling and green kiwi jelly on top.


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