I like my wife cooking

I love the title for today’s post so much that it is only reason I’m blogging today. Can you spot the multiple meanings?

Hee hee hee hee hee. THOSE ONIONS! They are making me rather giggly!

9 thoughts on “I like my wife cooking

  1. duolulu, I like my wife cooking is a very famous sentence a famous man called Chomsky used to illustrate the ambiguities of the English language. It has two meanings, depending on how you read it:

    1. You like your wife when she’s cooking and making you a delicious dinner, preparing steak, ambuyat etc, or,

    2. You like your wife cooking and boiling in the pot (because you hate her or something) until well done!



  2. Thanx for the info.. I prefer the (2) meaning.. :D.

    Btw, I know chomsky coz he had problem with roger schank (a computer scientist).


  3. No really sure (great man war), i read the article long time ago.

    One of the arguments

    Here’s an example of an argument I might have had with him in the late sixties. The sentence “John likes books” means that John likes to read. “Oh no,” Chomsky might say, “John has a relationship of liking with respect to books, but he might not like to read.”

    You can read it more here


  4. If it was simply a grammatical error then it could also mean “I like the food my wife cooks”… but that’s not the case here is it. 😛


  5. Cocopop, I thought you would have figured out by now, what with my TESL Monday Lunch and everything! Hehe, anyway yeap TESL it is. 😀

    Hazirah, exactly! Well spotted!


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