Mouthwatering treats

I guess the Mid-Autumn of the Lunar Year is coming soon because yesterday, while having dimsum with some of the bestfriends at Gadong Properties Foodcourt, I discovered that, to my joy and delight, the moon cakes are for sale again! They are prettier this year than the past year’s moon cakes that I just have to pause to take pictures before gulping them down into my stomach acids.

I bought the small sized pretty pink ones (naturally) with red bean filling. They are a bit pricey though (BND$1.50 per cake).

They were so yummy! Well, granted, I like everything with a red bean filling. These were the nice and chewy type which are wonderful sweet treats to be enjoyed with tea. =D


Oh by the way, the very much awaited payday is tomorrow so why not spare a mere BND$5 to buy tickets for the Bazaar Amal? The proceeds will go straight to the Pusat Ehsan. If you are interested then, by all means either leave a comment (with a valid email address so I can get back to you), use the contact page, or simply drop me an email!

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