Turn the car around

You know, once in a while, when you are feeling dark, blunt and jaded, life throws at you sparkly diamonds. Just when you start to think how cruel is this world you are living in, you go through life changing events that changes the way you view humanity forever. Those events, though simply gone in fleeting moments to others, remain with you for a long time, like little beacons of hope, waiting for the next time you start to sink.

I’ve always thought that, nowadays, if you somehow misplaced something valuable, and forgot all about it, it’ll definitely be lost forever. It should be lost forever, if not to punish me for being so careless, it is a reminder of how ugly other human beings can be and become. It’s just a well-known and established fact. They are like crouching tigers, just waiting for the perfect moment to pounce and rid you of your precious worldly goods.

But like I said, nothing in life is predictable. When you are on the brink of losing your sparkle, your sanguine belief in the inherent good in people, something just shines and you miraculously regain your luster.

And those are the world’s most precious diamonds.

I would like to extend paramount appreciation and gratitude to the big hearted person who found my mobile phone mysteriously lying around unassuming at the Chancellor’s Hall this morning and practically made sure it came back safely into my hands. I have yet to know his real identity, but I do have a vague idea who he is.

Many would not have done what you did. Your kindness is my beacon of hope.

9 thoughts on “Turn the car around

  1. i found it…bah belanja aku makan di capers…hehe…kidding..bless the guy’s soul for being honest…i wish everybody can be like that…but then again if everyone was trustworthy then people wud be careless…nda ingau tinggalkan barang di mana2…hehe..


  2. to muaz:
    haha..i remember u telling me that..just grab the top of the door and yank it open mate..i was stuck there once…u must’ve panicked..


  3. to Hasanul:

    i actually did that, but the damn door wouldn’t even budge.. haha and i did panic since i left my phone in class that time.. haha paloi..

    to Mau.. sorry for utilising your comment page with things yg nda kena mengena.. =p


  4. inda papa, chatting tah chatting.. mmhmm… terimagine ku banyak laki2 teperangkap dalam jamban selama ani. THATS WHERE THEY ALL WENT! they’re not only taken and gay, but also trapped in the bowels of ubd toilets!


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