What have I gotten myself into

Went to the official launching ceremony of a cosy little gym with a fancy French name, over in Tanjong Bunut, 5 minutes away from where I live at 8.30am yesterday.

I’ve never heard or seen the gym before and received an invitation on Thursday. Since I was mostly curious I ended up deciding to go. So come Sunday morning, in a confused state, I scrambled out of bed and dragged Europe along with me.

In the program, the official launching was supposed to be at 8.30am, followed by a close to 1 hour mix of many (seriously) manifestations of aerobic routines. Okay, I thought, that sounds innocent enough. We arrived at 8.30 and they have already started!

A very sweet Miss Ain greeted Europe and I and as she ushered us inside harrasedmade us follow the already in session aerobics routine. *horrified* There we were, two uncoordinated girls, in the middle of a group of enthusiatically exercising ladies, looking confused and jerking whatever clumsy hand and feet movements we could to keep up! AND IF YOU’RE A CLOSE FRIEND OF MINE YOU WOULD KNOW VERY WELL OF MY COMPLETELY RETARDED HAND-EYE COORDINATION!

Dear lord, I wish to block out everything to do with that aerobics routine completely out of my mind. I believe images of that day will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

But gasp! PICTURES!

Spot the clumsy blogger!

But it was a well organised event, there was a yummy yummy ultra healthy food spread which I didn’t have a single bite of because my tummy refuses to accept anything consumed within 3 hours of me waking up. A very friendly Miss Anna was there chatting with us and talking about the different forms of exercise and stuff. All in all, fun stuff.

Fun fun. Will come back soon Aida!

16 thoughts on “What have I gotten myself into

  1. Mau!! I move back to Jerudong and im looking for an all girls gym. because my (male)cousins are harrassing me to lose weight. YOU have answered my prayers.



  2. heheh siuk tu sana! I joined the belly dancing before and if you have the chance, join the aero masala also. Aiyo, this post makes me want to go back sana and lose all the [insert word] heee


  3. That’s a nice place, one of my friends used to work there. Aku pernah ke sana sekali ja, kan cuba, ganya its too far away from Lambak, itah alum ku kesana lagi. Ikut class belly dancingnya mau. Siuk.


  4. it’s opposite hua ho tg bunut, just further down the road from the home centre. the building is white, called “hakmas complex” (there’s a syarikat payung emas dapan skali). then just drive in and its on your right side.


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