Belated Blog Report(ish): Bazaar Amal Pusat Ehsan

Hello everyone, I’m sorry this report came in a bit belated. I have been busy the whole week with not-work and not-assignments. In short, I haven’t been home that much. Haha. What can I say? Allowance came out. 🙂

Anyway, let me just say this loud and clear: THE BAZAAR AMAL WAS TEH BOMB! It was, very very very successful. I am pleased to announce that, from reliable sources, more than BND$30, 000 was raised! I would also like to yell out tonnes and tonnes of kudos to those people who still came despite extreme heat and stayed despite heavy rain! Who says we can’t be charitable!

*standing ovation* clap clap clap clap clap!

I would LOVE to write down a full report of the day’s happenings but nowadays I’m starting to feel sleepy at 10pm and I need to get ready some drafts for the supposed “Chapter Three” of my so-called “research paper”. I know I know, how very unblogger-like of me. Very un-Maurina. I’m the queen of procrastination after all!

Well, you try having a supervisor that can recall every single study/paper/research ever done on English Language (the school subject) in Brunei and can quote verbatim (exaggeration, but close). Unnerving to say the least, and it doesn’t help that I keep mumbling and fumbling when talking to him (don’t really know why).

So I’m afraid I’ll have to rush this through ok? Might edit when I get more time. Loads of pictures coming at you straight ahead!

On the way inside. Yeay triangle flags. Yeay because, they always look so festive. They remind me of weddings in Kampong Ayer- colourful, joyous, and positively jubilant!

Packed! And this was only in the morning. As time went on, more and more people came from God knows where! The Pusat Ehsan’s grounds, was set in a wide, very spacious, field-like location and canopies were set up for games and such. And oh my, games were aplenty!

Them tickets. Coupons really. These were basically currency. No cash were used, and the coupons were available for sale at every booth. I thought this was better than the last Special Olympics Carnival, where people actually had to go back to one booth located at one end of the Tasek to get the tickets. It was okay, but tiring especially when you already queued for quite a while, only to be told that you need to get coupons. Grr. So yes! Definitely thought it was a good idea for the booths to also be selling the coupons!

Before and after. This game was packed from beginning to the end. Basically, you need to knock down those tin cans and gain points which can be exchanged with many things. Because this game was so easy to get points (or so people think) it was THE MOST POPULAR GAME.

Books for sale also. I can’t believe I used to read these R.L. Stines. Bleurgh. One booth actually sold classics like, Jane Austen (among many others). Mostly 3 for $1. They were snagged quickly and was gone in mere minutes! I thought that was very impressive considering the popular view that Brunei has no reading culture.

More stuff being sold. Haha you grab whatever you can I suppose!

Cute overload. Don’t you just want to hug this doll sampai tekeluar isinya? They’re so… LOCO ROCO! (Gamers’ joke)

For expressing anger. This is for a throwing game also. Hahaha, this game was at the butt of every joke made that day. Like, “jan marah, aga bawa ngumban slipar di ujung!” Anyway, what these slippers do, you basically throw them onto a dark-coloured wall with a lot of strength because you need to leave a footprint. Where the footprint lands will judge how many points you get.

Of course I’ll stop by the DIY booths! The ladies at the DIY Necklace/earring/bracelet booth basically gave people lessons on how to make the accessories for free. People pay money to learn these things! Anyway, they also make pretty chandelier earrings right in front of you, mostly sold for like $1. Needless to say, I grabbed a lot of loot from this particular booth.

Of course, made a necklace. 😀 Fun stuff. I think every carnival should have a DIY booth. Seriously!

Its….. spinning. Wheel of Fortune. I didn’t play this. Hehe, it wasn’t “challenging” enough. But see how many kids line up to spin the wheel.

Incriminating photo of the man-blogger at work. Also present was Mr AnakBrunei, and a sweet lady blogger who works for BAG Networks. 🙂

Zzzzzzzzzzzz……. To be editted. There, editted! 😀

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