Have you heard of the Bloggies?

I’m just wondering why everything is so quiet in the Brublogosphere lately? Even my blog stats have gone down. I hope none of us are losing our “zing”, if we actually had any in the first place. Heh. Yes really, people are not updating their blogs, *ME INCLUDED*, and are generally engrossed in their own lives and worlds.

Yes yes, you’re only blogging for yourselves anyway. You can update anytime you want. However, here’s a little incentive. TADAAAHHHH—>

Click to find out more.

I’ve only just heard of this like, on Sunday, but this is the first chance I had to write about it. Well, actually that’s a lie, I’ve had many chances, but I’ve been waiting for someone write about it first. Hehehe. I have to maintain cool you know. Nonchalantly mention, “oh, an award thing? *yawn* who cares?”. But I KENNOT! I find it quite exciting! APPARENTLY WE ARE HAVING A BLOGGIES!!!

This is probably the first official Bruneian Bloggies ever! Well, second lah, because I think the master bloggers of the old times (when blogs are called websites hehe), had organized a small one a few years back. I heard it got nasty, but maybe because everyone were TEENS and extremely competitive! Hihi. And a group of us, almost organized another one some time ago when I just started blogging but then, it didn’t materialise. SO, I hope something good will come out of this one!

Yes yes, I know I know, it’s a probably just a popularity contest and probably only half of the blogging population will be participating, and in the end will be only be disappointment because the blogger you like would lose, with an undeserving blogger in his/her place, bla bla bla yada yada yada. Whatever lah. We put Brunei on the Internet, we give content, we write, we research, our lives, our cameras, our pictures, we deserve some credit don’t we?

ALL THE SAME, I think this is a really nice gesture from Simpur, DST. See all the prizes: laptops, spa sessions and massages, speakers, etc etc. Even nominators win something! Hell, the whole thing just reeks of fun! Yeaaayyy, everyone win something~~~~

So lets join in, and nominate! For now, it is the period where you nominate three of your FAAAAAAAAVORITE personal blogs. So pick any three favorites under the “Personal” category in the Blogging Nation blog index (there’s A LOT), give reasons and email them here! For a sample of a nomination email, click here.

I’ve nominated my favorite three. 😀 Your turn!

13 thoughts on “Have you heard of the Bloggies?

  1. thank goodness! i thought my blog was the only one! it has been a quiet week maw.. gila.. i was getting paranoid there. i think it’s because of all these scholarship thingies going on. hopefully, things will go back to normal (especially our stats. lol)

    happy puasa to you!


  2. Hi Mau.. can u share more about what happened in the last so called Blogs/ websites awards? Who organised it and what happended? I haven’t heard about it though cos possibly I was out of the country at that time…hehee. So, I still maintained the one organised by Simpur, the first of it’s kind. Cos it’s properly advertised and so on… thanks ya!


  3. Pablo, the best person really to tell you all about the Real First Bloggies is actually Shasha (from http://atubanaa.com) or Livie (from http://livieish.org). One of them (or probably both, hehe drg bff) organised it and according to Tina, it had a nice catchy name.. Something like.. EYE or what. Thanks to Tina’s memory, she couldn’t remember.

    Come to think of it we think it’s probably Shasha who organized it. Shasha, if you’re reading can you confirm this?

    There were categories of some sort, like “male” and “female” or something. Unlike this bloggies, where u have to email your nominations and stuff, the nominating/voting was all done on the website. Like ada embedded form people could fill in.

    Like I said, I wasn’t a blogger yet back then so details are far from fuzzy, they’re unintelligible! But definitely in the little blogging world it was a big thing. For more details, why don’t you hit Shasha with a shoutout! 😀


  4. I remembered it already, it’s EAT THE EYE! Hahaha.

    I also mentioned another Bruneian Blog Awards ahh.

    Awu, my memory is very the unreliable, okay? Haha. Can’t blame me. I can’t even remember since form berapa I’m friends with some of my close friends!



  5. wth ahaha. there it is.

    anyway, i forgot what i said now. but yes, livie, nazmi and i organised it. i believe it may have been in 2001 or 2002. there was meant to be another about 2 or 3 years ago, organised by liv and naz cos i was a bit lazy…

    there was another down the line organised by unangelic.org and kel-vin of…. many blogs. lol

    our humble awards didn’t have prizes as nice as these. broke ass teenagers could only afford it in the form of a button that said.. WINNER or someting.

    however, i’ve just been informed by my BFF aka livie that unangelic’s prize was mch better than ours. like the winner gets to meet yasmin of unangelic and gets a cash prize. how cool is that? obviously she wasnt a broke ass teenager. lolol.

    i have to say though, the simpur awards nomination process is very time consuming and inconvenient.

    the end.


  6. Maurina, Tina and Shasha.. thanks for the explanation. Really appreciate it. The reason for me asking is that some anonymous person commented my statement was wrong in saying Simpur Blog awards is the first of it’s kind for blogs. I guess it is still safe to say that Simpur is the first one that properly organise and advertise the Awards and asking public participation in nomination and providing real prizes. Anyway, during 2001/2002, I guess blogs were only known as websites.

    I have no intention to continue the debate but I wish to thank all of you for the clarification. cheers!


  7. Please no personal insults or I will delete. I appreciate the discussion however.

    Tina, and Shasha, thanks for clarifying the matter further.

    Pablo, I hope it’s all clearer now. However, I would like to comment that during 2001-2002, blogs were already known as blogs. But I called them websites because I simply didn’t know the term. In fact I call them.. HOMEPAGE (WAHAHAHAHAHA LAME).

    Shasha, most of us bloggers (and eventually those who read this thread hehe) who knew about ETE definitely credits you guys as the organisers of the Real First Bloggies. So kudos, I bet it was a difficult thing to organise back then! 😀


  8. Yea, back in 2000, it was already called weblogs. People just didn’t really recognize the term. I remembered when I mention the word “blog” or “weblog”, people had confused looks on their faces.

    I thought ETE was cool, as it materialized from bloggers themselves, and it was all in the name of fun.


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