I believe it

I feel as though I absolutely must address this matter of the Britney. People are going yucky yuck on her performance during the VMAs. Yes she does look a bit distracted and it does seem like she doesn’t wanna be there. Also, I thought she seem reluctant to move her feet. Very uncharacteristic of her.

Maybe the boots did it, I don’t know? But I love Britney and definitely find the song better than… UMBRELLA.

7 thoughts on “I believe it

  1. true the song is actually nicer than Umbrella and its remixes, and maybe the boots did bug her dance routine, but that doesn’t really answer the choice of her outfit though.. it’s really unflattering..


  2. Man, after I read some of the write ups on her performance it was hell trying to dig up a copy of the video! I finally got my hands on one. I’m not a Britney fan but it seems to me she wasn’t even trying.


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