The Grapevine: Evolution of a Haunting

Warning: Tabloid-like content below. Extreme sensationalism with no actual proof. Not for the weak hearted. Proceed with caution.

My very gossipy male cousin H had just informed me of a possible haunting in our beloved Kampong (not the one I am currently living in). The haunting in question is by a Hantu Pocong. For those not familiar with the concept of a Hantu Pocong, it is basically a ghost taking the shape of a man in the white death suit.

Here’s a picture. Photo taken from here (obviously not real).

Apparently quite a few people has already seen this hantu. It all started with the hearse, being brought home by the Bilal a few weeks ago, because the mosque did not have a proper garage. Apparently, his wife could see the coffin inside the hearse shaking and vibrating late at night and because of that, promptly came down with a high fever.

So it was transferred back to the mosque. Then, the workers at the mosque also also started to experience the same incident with the hearse.

Red boxes denote places where there were reportedly sightings of Pocong. I’m not really sure if the Imam’s (actually it’s Bilal’s) house is at that exact spot but I’m pretty sure it’s nearby the mosque.

Anyway, after that, a niece of mine began seeing weird things as well. One night, approximately around Maghrib time, she and her brothers were home alone, and minding their own business. Then the brothers began to hear funny sounds like someone was trying to forcefully get into the house. They obviously got scared and ran to their room, leaving Niece alone in the kitchen. While all that was happening, she was doing something on the kitchen sink.

Suddenly, she saw a flash of white suddenly pass by the kitchen window. She didn’t react at first, just felt confused. Then fear gripped her as she realised the white thing actually stopped right outside the window. She felt as if, she was being pulled towards the thing, like she was being forced to see through the translucent folds of the curtain and straight into the white shadow. But then she pulled away at the last minute and ran to her brothers’ room. They stayed there until their parents came home.

They weren’t the only ones who saw the Pocong. The neighbours also saw the Pocong hoping around the area at the exact same day Niece saw it. So it couldn’t just be the imagination of a paranoid teenage girl if many other people could actually vouch for the truth of it all?

To be honest, I’m not really sure what to make of this all. How are we supposed to take this? Some people even reported that they recognise the face of the Pocong as the face of someone who had just died, but then how can they be sure? Those from this Kampong are not exactly the kind of people to conjure up a great hoax just to scare people. Ah well, I don’t know. Could it be a reminder to people of the dangers of utilising items of khurafat? We all will never know. But for now, be steadfast with your iman, prayers, ayats, and love Allah has given, for that is the only thing that will protect you.

30 thoughts on “The Grapevine: Evolution of a Haunting

  1. ooh scary.. I have personally experienced several hauntings.. but a Pocong, that I haven’t encountered.. but this is going at the moment yes? bukan during Ramadhan, these things aren’t around kan? Ramadhan is ghost/syaitan-free.. they can’t possibly spot a real Pocong during this month..

    I just have to add this: cute map. :-p


  2. Dang, heard from dad also… the hearse now sebalah women’s toilet…. imagine berwudhu or going to the toilet during terawikh! Hehehe.. btw i think its d Bilal’s house…


  3. ARGHHH THAT’S CREEPY!!! πŸ˜₯ kampong mana nie? tell me tell me!!

    rupanya everytime i visited your blog the past couple of days, inda berefresh. yatah i haven’t read your post pasal the bloggies. popularity contest indeed!

    btw. napa muriel ani masih ‘blogging’ arah the BB ani kan??? she thinks mentioning will make her blog materialise more?!

    haha. sorry, feeling bitchy πŸ˜›

    selamat berpuasa btw πŸ˜‰


  4. haha leave an email address and I’ll tell u. can’t say it here. BUT YEAAAA CREEPYYYYYY!!!!!! I’m like, ngaaaaaa, i dont want that to happen to me!!!!

    btw, ehhhh antah eh si muriel. bida kali ah. i’ve summed up pretty much everyone in the blogging world is against her except for rano, pasalnya iya kana PLUG ahhahaha. antah. bida.


  5. Uh.. from what my elders have told me during the month of Ramadhan all the jin and evil spirits are locked up. So how the hell did a hantu pocong appear at the kampung in this time of month?! Did he find a way in escaping from dunia akhirat’s jailhouse by the way?!

    I’m currently studying Aussieland and I have done so for 5 years now (not to be bragging, by the way) and I have developed a more secularistic perspecitve towards these situtations so I’m quite skeptical about this incident.

    But this just leaves my head scratching….


  6. Adi, I did mention that this happened “a few weeks ago” if I’m not mistaken. So if I had not made it clear, I apologise. Events in this post all happened before Ramadhan.

    I’m skeptic as well, although I’ve studied in Brunei all my life :P, but Niece is not the kind of person who lies, and so are her neighbours. So I believe that they saw what they saw. We can’t change facts.

    I also believe that, even though dead bodies don’t come back to life, they can find ways to communicate with the living if they are not at peace. The power of the mind and the unconscious is after all, an unchartered territory greater than the physical body.

    Maybe they want us to remember them, and recite for them the Al-Fatihah everyday? Maybe the body wasn’t buried properly (wrong shoulder facing the kiblat, forgotten to remove some ties). Maybe the dead person wants to remind us of something. These are possibilities.


  7. I went to a talk once on the supernatural and the speaker said that there are no such things as ghosts, theyre just a manifestation of syaitan.

    He also talked about a certain kampong being haunted by a pocong, but that was a couple of years back and he saw the pocong come to his own tahlil. But thats a different story.

    Wonder if its the same kampong hehe.



    Snowshoed, yatah I heard of ghosts being manifestations of Syaitan also. Dead is dead after all. But what do you make of ahli alam barzakh yang rohnya inda tenteram? Unfinished business and all that jazz?

    Yatah in the end, we really don’t know anything.

    So back to your story, THE POCONG CAME TO ITS OWN TAHLIL????? Spilll!!!!!


  9. Done.

    I dont think its beriijap unless you stay in that kg, but if you do I suggest to keep the curtains covering the view outside at night hehe, walaupun ku nda caya, ketungkalan jua x meliat barang2 catu hahaha

    Lupaku jawap about the roh nda tenteram thingie, I think ada but they dont appear as ‘ghosts’, I know that they can appear in our dreams plang but only if they dont say a word, if they talk then its an imposter.


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