Ramadhan Menu Specials

You know, for some reason, I can’t find any Ramadhan Menu specials like last year. Last year Ramadhan Menus were everywhere and people were literally spoilt for choice. Rano had them, Bahapa Kitani had them. Now, basically, Internet presence of such promotions are at a minimal and I pretty much don’t know where to find them!

I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for all the promotions. So I’ve decided to compile a comprehensive list of all Sungkai Menu Promotions. If you know of more/see any missing, please do not hesitate to comment or email me with name of restaurant and price of the Sungkai Buffet.

These are arranged in no particular order.

1. The Empire Hotel & Country Club (Atrium Cafe)
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$25 per adult and BND$12.50 per child
– Prayer rooms available, $1 off every meal for charity
– Win Umrah packages as well
– For reservations: +673 2 418888

2. Charcoal Restaurant & Grill
– Skewer Buffet (whatever that means) @ BND$28.50 per person
– For reservations: 2221228

3. The Airport Restaurant
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$23.50 per adult and BND$12.50 per child
– Don’t forget extra cash for parking, especially if you tend to linger around after a meal.
– For reservations: 2331853

4. Seasons
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$20.90 per adult and BND$12.50 per child
– Gadong area: come early so you don’t need to fight for parking
– For reservations: 2422291/2/3

5. Dynasty Restaurant
– Set menu per table (Menu A: BND$140 per table, Menu B: BND$200)
– Sahur Dim Sum @ BND$13.90 per adult and BND$9.90 per child
– For Reservations: 2430185/6

6. Rizqun Coffee House
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$19.50 per adult and BND$10.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2423000 ext 7811

7. Orchid Garden Hotel
– Sungkai Buffet (Vanda Restaurant & Goldiana Cafe) @ BND$19.80 per adult
BND$12.80 per child
– Sahur Dim Sum Buffet @ $12.80 per adult and BND$6.80 per child
– For Reservations: 2335544

8. Misato
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$12.90 per adult and BND$7.90 per child
– For Reservations: 2239159

9. Zaika
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$17.00 per adult and BND$8.80 per child
– Bring extra cash for parking if you like to linger
– For Reservations: 2231133/2231155

10. Fratini’s
– 50% Discount on all Pastas & Pizzas
– For Reservations: 2451200/2451300 (Centrepoint), 2334520/2334530 (Piccolo)

11. RMS Diner
– 50% Discount on all Burgers
– For Reservations: 2423555/2452555

12. Restoran Nyonya
– Gadong: Nyonya Sungkai Buffet @ BND$9.80 per person
– Sahur Dimsum at Nyonya Restaurant @ 0.99cents per basket.
– Serusop: International & Halal Dim Sum Sungkai Buffet @ $12.80 per person
– Yayasan: Value Sungkai Buffet @ BND$6.80 per person
– For Reservations: 2231236 (Yayasan), 2447090 (Gadong), 2340038 (Serusop)

13. Pondok Sari Wangi
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$10.99 per adult and BND$5.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2445043 (Gadong), 2661893 (Sengkurong)

14. La Mee Restaurant
– Delima: Sungkai Buffet @ BND$6.00 per adult and $3.50 per child
– Gadong: Sungkai Set Meal @ BND$5.00
– For Reservations: 2430113 (Gadong), 2340112 (Delima)

15. Sheraton Utama Hotel (Poolside)
– Tamu Sungkai Buffet @ BND$22.00 per person
– For Reservations: 2244272

16. Swensen’s
– Exotic Seafood Kebabs @ BND$14.50
– Tropical Chicken Delight @ BND$14.20
– Texan Chicken & Lamb Kebab @ BND$18.90
– For Reservations: 2451864

17. Seafood Paradise
– Ramadhan Sungkai Seafood Buffet Promotion @ BND$14.50 per adult and $6.80 per child
– Free flow soft drink or air bandung and kurma
– For Reservations: 2231788, 8788934

18. Big Papa’s
– BP’s Buffet Sungkai @ BND$7.00 per adult and BND$4.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2233333

19. Millennium Restaurant
– Middle Eastern Sungkai Buffet @ BND$16.80 per adult and $10.80 per child
– For Reservations: 2424168

[added: 16/9/07 @ 11.09pm]

20. Tandoor.com (located behind The Arch building in Gadong)
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$19.90
– For Reservations: 2450182

21. I-Lotus Restaurant
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$15.80 per adult and BND$9.80 per child
– For Reservations: 2422466

[added: 17/9/07 @ 5.11pm]

22. Deli Nutreesh
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$10.90 per adult
– For Reservations: 2651740

23. Jerudong Park Polo Club (Polo Restaurant)
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$19.90 per person
– For Reservations: 2612500

24. The Holiday Lodge (Mills Coffee House)
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$10.90 per person
– For Reservations: 2611618

[added: 17/9/07 @ 10.00pm]

25. Asma Hotel
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$12.90 per person
– For Reservations: 2612218

26. Mister Pizza
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$9.90 per person
– For Reservations: 2452277

27. Pizza Hut
– Promotion: Buy one, free one pizza for takeaway/pickup.
– You get a free large pan pizza when you buy one Cheesy Bites pizza (BND$24.90). Choices are either Honey Garlic, Tuna Delight or Hawaiian Lovers.
– Call 222-6111. πŸ™‚

28. Arthini Cafe & Catering (Nasi Kandar Penang)
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$12.00 per adult and BND$6.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2652699/8733397

29. D’anggerek Hotel (Aranda Cafe)
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$10.00 per adult and BND$5.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2345222 ext 815

30. Saffron
– Ramadhan Sungkai @ BND$22.00 per adult and BND$12.00 per child
– Dessert Ramadhan Buffet @ BND$10.50 per adult and BND$6.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2235888

[added: 17/9/07 @ 10.47pm *maju eh*]

31. Capers
– Ramadhan Promotion: All You Can Eat @ BND$12.90 per person
– There will also be a buffet spread
– For Reservations: 2234000

[added: 18/9/07 @ 2.55pm]

32. Restoran Amanah Harith
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$6.90 per adult and BND$4.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2612140/8750292/8884546

[added: 18/9/07 @ 3.28pm]

33. Brunei Hotel (Mawar Coffee Garden)
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$9.90 per adult and BND$5.50 per child
– Guests in a group of 6 people will only have to pay for 5
– For Reservations: 2242372/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

[added: 19/9/07 @ 5.39pm]

34. Andaman Restaurant
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$9.99 per person
– For Reservations: 2653355
Review by Turquoise and Roses

35. Coffee Zone Kiulap
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$12.90 per adult and BND$6.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2239333

[added: 20/9/07 @ 3.43pm]

36. Seri J.S Restaurant (Kg Kilanas)
– BBQ Sungkai Buffet @ BND$11.90 for adults and BND$6.90 for child
– For Reservations: 2670367, 8981322

37. KTM Thai Seafood Restaurant
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$6.00 per adult and BND$3.00 per child
– For Reservations: 2619140, 8875530

38. Takara
– 30% off on all Makis & items from the Ala Carte menu
– For Reservations: 2450180

39. Sushi Tei
– 30% off on all dishes
– For Reservations: 2447471

40. De Royalle Cafe
– Lontong Ramadhan @ BND$7.90
– Lontong: beef rendang, ketupat, papadam, sayur and salads wrapped in banana leaf
– For Reservations: 2220257

[added: 20/9/07 @4.15pm]

41. Fun Bread Cafe
– Ramadhan Special Set Meals @ BND$7.90
– Pick any rice dish and that will come with dessert and a choice of coffee or tea (hot or iced)
– For Reservations: 2451028

42. Seri Anjung Restaurant & Catering
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$8.00 per person
– For Reservations: 2222776, 8989766

[added: 20/9/07 @4.15pm]

43. TT Blues
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$8.88 (nice!)
– For Reservations: 2424527

[added: Payday, 26/9/07 @10.05am]

44. Le Taj
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$12.80
– For Reservations: 2238996.

45. Aneka Rasa
– Selera Kampong Sungkai Buffet @ BND$9.90 per adult and BND$5.50 per child
– For Reservations: 2231728

[added: Payday, 26/9/07 @10.05am]

46. Nice Delight Cafeteria (Bunut)
– Sungkai Ramadhan Buffet β€œSpecial” @ BND$5.00 per person
– For Reservations: 2653222, 2650525

47. Big Thumb (Gadong)
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$5.00 per adult and BND$3.50 per child
– For Reservations: ?*

48. WyWy Restaurant
– Sungkai Buffet @ BND$8.00 per person
– For Reservations: ?*

[added: 27/9/07 @12.57am]

49. Cafe Au Lait
– Ramadhan Promotion: 20% off on all food and drinks
– For Reservations: 2231901

* = Coming soon!

82 thoughts on “Ramadhan Menu Specials

  1. oh oh DELI NUTREESH at Telanai.. excellent sungkai buffet, $10.90 per adult… ridiculously good food at a very affordable price! haha.. Had sungkai there kemarin, the grills were AMAZING! don’t have their number.. nanti ku tanya kawanku..


  2. put holiday lodge n polo club on the list please, though i can’t remember the sungkai prices… me thinks holiday lodge is $10.90 n polo club is $19.90 (duhhh, last year polo was $12.90)


  3. Ain, haha no probs. πŸ˜€ If you know more, comment saja.

    Muaz, and Belacan, thanks for the info! Sudah ku tambah. I’ve found JPCC and the Lodge’s phone number, but Muaz, I’m afraid you’d need to find for me Deli Nutreesh’s number. *I’ll be waiting!*

    Chyi, borrow the Queen’s private plane. Hehehehehe. Awww, come home lahhh, then can enjoi. πŸ˜›


  4. what the heck holiday lodge has risen the price… last year was $9.80… darnn, am not going there if the food standard is the same as last year… and maurie, put asma hotel on the list too, i heard on the radio just now, it’s $12++ me thinks…


  5. Good work. *thumbs up* Hehe. πŸ™‚

    Other places-

    1) Sungkai buffet at Mister Pizza $9+. For reservations: 2452277

    2) And buy one, free one at Pizza Hut for takeaway/pickup. You get a free large pan pizza (choices: honey garlic/tuna delight/hawaiian lover’s) if you buy one cheesy bites pizza (costs $24.90). Call 222-6111. πŸ˜‰


  6. belacan, yeap yeap, it says so on the website. awu mahal banar. maybe makin banyak makanan? hehe donno lah. i’ve put asma on. πŸ˜€ keep em coming!

    LOL, thanks War! πŸ™‚ If ada lagi sound2 saja!

    amy, bah baiktah.. heheh setahun hanya sekali~


  7. Maurina,
    I’m not friends with the Queen though.
    I assume u have befriended with the future Queen. Do me a favor and ask her to send a private jet for me eh?
    Better if u can come along and be my air hostess.
    Be happy if i’m able to meet u that way~


  8. Include brunei hotel larr.. Sungkai Buffet with over 20 choices of authentic food spreads at B$9.90nett for adults and B$5.50nett for children. Guests in a group of six people will only have to pay for five and the restaurant has prayer rooms for guests who wish to perform their Maghrib prayers before having their meals. Sounds great…haha


  9. duol ulu, yea, that would actually be more convenient. WP don’t have the feature unfortunately. it’s ok lah, I don’t mind. Hehe.

    nyum-nyum, thanks! keep em coming.


  10. Muaz, yea! I called 113. Heheh. I’m not very patient obviously. πŸ˜›

    AnakBrunei, THANKS! I’m very very glad that many find this useful. πŸ˜€

    rsha, sure I don’t mind adding them. I don’t mind any restaurant really! Have any idea what the prices are?

    Ulat, barijap. Sungkai aying liur.


  11. i printed these out and distributed the lists to my collegues, i told them, “aku simpan the lists arah computer, kamu print sendiri, nda cukup paper ku” LOL they love ’em


  12. omg.. ada urg buat niat sungkai tempat comment box mu anie.. uwaaa… nda batal ni nda batal..

    ohh takara 30% offf.. i waaanntttttt

    do you mind if i copy paste this thing to my page?


  13. Cheers maurina~! Received an email from a friend wit your list, then decided to post it but I din know where it was originated until I stumbled upon your site .. with more entries added!

    So many places – ah … which one to go ah? Any good suggestions? Reviews?


  14. I went to Brunei Hotel for sungkai, my first time ever, the food was surprisingly nice and simple. Cuisine on offer is chinese, there was the usual sambal and ulam-ulaman, rojak, hot and sour soup (very very yummy). The main course: steam rice, fried noodle, roasted chicken, beef rendang (I think – chinese style), potatoes n chicken, sausages in plum type sauce, sweet and sour fish and mixed veg). Finally dessert was bubur kacang merah (the best – not rich, very light), cakes and fruits. Those looking for simple, chinese, not over the top seasoned food should try it. The waitstaff was excellent, food refilled promptly. Atmosphere was nice, lots of families and also lots of non-muslim joining the sungkai.


  15. Bucaneer Thai eatary and steakhouse
    – 30% discount off its dishes and drinks.

    *i have no idea where it is but heard its in KB. well, this helps KB people. but bandar can go there too heh! πŸ˜€

    Wywy Restaurant (in Sengkurong & Lambak not sure in Tutong)
    – $8 per person.

    Seri Kandi Restaurant, Jalan Setia di-Raja.
    – $11.90 for adults and half priced for children.
    – choice of traditional and western foods.


  16. rassh, I am only compiling list for Brunei Muara Area for now :). Would you be so kind however, to help me find all branches of Wywy’s phone number? πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your contribution!


  17. Aneka Rasa, Kiulap:
    Adults: $9.90
    Kids below 6: $5

    Big Thumb:
    Adults: $5
    Child: $3.50

    Nice Delight Cafeteria @ Bunut
    Tel: 2653222, 2650525
    Sungkai Ramadhan Buffet Dunner “Special”
    $5.00 per head

    Seri Anjung Restaurant & Catering
    @ Batu 1, Jln Tutong Tel: 2222776 / 8989766
    Sungkai Buffet
    $8.00 per person

    IM DONE. add eh! πŸ˜€
    anyway, eh i didnt know ive linked u, mustve been long time already. but anyway, HAPPY FASTING!


  18. great!!!! going to Bandar this weekend for Berbuka Puasa for the first time in Brunei…… hope the food as good and as authentic as possible……. Looking for Bruneian’s fav. dishes…

    Just another Johorean…….


  19. Cookie Monster, thank you for the review. Sounds like there is just some problem with organization. Hope they sort it out because with 40++ other restaurants, competition is definitely ON!

    Rassh, that’s ok. I’ll try to find out tomorrow.


  20. hye.. i have a question.. does KTM Thai seafood restaurant still exist? tried to call them bt it says “the no nada dlm simpanan”.. XD


  21. I am a newbie to your blog. All i can say, you have done a fantastic job for all the news & info! Kudos to Sungkai Buffet! πŸ˜‰


    1. salam,i like to go a new place and try their new food.Can u find me a new restaurant n good food and especially halal one,TQ


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