Perusing persistent pink posts

This post is pink in the attempt to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Dewi Md Sofri (22/10/2007) from The Brunei Times have reported that apparently,

AT A TIME when the entire world has launched an aggressive awareness campaign against breast cancer, Brunei’s silent stance during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month has evoked strong reaction from the general public.

That’s funny, considering how many Bruneian women AND men get diagnosed each year with breast cancer. I am pretty aware of it because Astro has been airing informational pink ads on TV as well, but apparently many people don’t watch TV or skip commercials.

So I’m giving a much deserved plug to Ness’s Tuna and the Halaqah Muslimahs for being proactive in this issue. Some of them are beautiful people who have unfortunately been brushed by the hands of breast cancer and they will grace today with pink hijabs. Join them on their plight to raise awareness!

Lastly, in keeping with the pink theme, some shameless self promotion. Inspired by the pink ribbon, and the month of October, I’ve decided to pink it up.


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