She writes

Dear Writers’ Guild of America,

I understand your plight. Really, I do. DVDs are big business. Just look at Komunis in Gadong. Only two years and they’ve paved the whole parking lot with jigsaw bricks.

I am on total Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy withdrawal. So help me here. I cannot stand reality TV. I sincerely hope that the WGA reach an agreement soon.

Yours truly,



For the love of God, the sweet Prophet, the angels and all that is mighty and fine, JUST GIVE THE STUPID 8 CENTS PER DVD TO THE WRITERS ALREADY!!!!!

Yours sincerely,


Dear readers,

Please bear with my neuroticism as I type in cold sweat (a symptom of TV withdrawal).

Yours lovingly,


Dear God,

If this is they way you are punishing me for pulverising the souls of numerous herbed baby potatoes (oven baked with garlic, rosemary, black pepper, olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt), then please, I promise to never again do so!

Your slave,


Dear Maurina,

Delirious. You.


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