Stuff about myself that I’d like to tell strangers tonight

Some of my pet peeves:

  1.  “Abang Angkat” (do I really need to say more)
  2.  People obsessed with dieting
  3.  Morning classes (ahhhhhh, the irony)
  4.  Traffic jams
  5.  Cakes from Le Apple (for some reason)
  6.  “asl plz”
  7.  Bossy people (duh, because I’m already bossy)
  8.  Radio dedications
  9.  Empty gas tank and buying fuel
  10.  Sleeping with the lights/tv/radio on (I always wake up angry)
  11.  Lemon Tree Song
  12.  Some children
  13.  Unemployed rich 20 somethings (hate probably caused by jealousy)
  14.  “aiii berisi kau sudah! *poke poke visible fats*”
  15.  Slow service
  16.  Rude waitresses
  17.  Sleazy old people
  18.  Split ends
  19.  Washing dishes
  20.  Girls sporting “the wet look” (when was it ever “in”?)
  21.  Bad makeup day
  22.  Standing next to tall people for more than 3 minutes
  23.  No parking
  24.  Tutup karan
  25.  People who do not eat vegetables (Mee Goreng satu, jangan campur sayur ah)
  26.  Boredom
  27.  Ex-boyfriends (well actually it’s just one ex-boyfriend. UGH)
  28.  Doing research (it’s ok the first few weeks, but it starts to go downhill from there)
  29.  Open burning
  30.  Spam
  31.  Chawan Mushi
  32.  People who don’t like sushi because it’s “raw”
  33.  Cheap body lotions

Just felt like venting. I actually started out with 5 but after 7, the list won’t stop growing!

9 thoughts on “Stuff about myself that I’d like to tell strangers tonight

  1. 2. People obsessed with dieting.

    AKU tu! haha.. ko nda suka aku kah mau? hehe.. tapi aku dietsku ada cheatdays.. so I’m not really “obsessed” no?

    but cali cali… 😛


  2. Everytime I hear radio deds, I have a small hope that the RJ “accidentally” cut off the line.

    Slow service. The worst experience of that in Brunei was at one of the nice restaurants in Qlap. Manjaro I think? It took them more than an hour to get a friend his order, and even then, they got it wrong and the one he ordered abis udah. Membari garam ati banar. This was 4 years ago, but the memory is the number one turn off to even have the place in a short-list.

    I’d imagine the worst day of your life is the day when all the 33 happen within 24 hours. Hope that won’t ever happen to you.


  3. Muaz, awu malas ku layan kau. 😛 Hahaha, at least u exercise and eat healthily instead of.. oooh calories here, cannot! cannot this cannot that. ugh LIVE A LITTLE!

    UN6, awu oops tepotong. Hahaha, that would be great.. but then again the lamest ones are always sent from text messages. Ew. Btw I hope such day will never heppen! Hahah.


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