Blogging Report: BSM Walk-a-Hunt (Scene A)

Hello everyone! 😀

Phew I do sometimes forget how so utterly satisfying an afternoon nap can be. *sigh* Anyway, yes so I with the subtle cajoling of Sister 1, joined the BSM Walk-a-Hunt. Not that I need much convincing. Haha.

The first meeting was on Saturday, where basically we’re briefed on the format and rules of the “treasure hunt ala race” in the PGGMB building’s lobby. Nothing wrong with that except that the PGGMB building’s lobby is not air-conditioned, nor does it have enough space to hold 700 people. Haha. The result is: a stuffy, I-can-barely-breathe area, where only one thirds of the participants are sitting down, while the other happilly squatted and sat in the lotus position while being ocassionally (accidentally) stomped on by those who decided to stand up.

Apparently I stepped on someone twice. I did apologise. Hee.

Here’s the view from above. On stage wearing orange is Gary Guna Sager, from Gary’s Event Management, apparently a big honcho in the treasure hunt industry. Quite deservedly I might add. It’s definitely a well-organised event.

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