Blogging Report: BSM Walk-a-Hunt (Scene B)

The next day, we, and by we I mean Sister 1 and I, or as we are officially called: TEAM 228, left home at about 7.15am to Padang Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien.

Arrived on the scene at 7.30am sharp, which we found out was a bad idea because as is everything in Brunei, the Walk-a-Hunt started only half an hour later after the guest of honour arrived: who was appropriately the Minister of Youth. Culture and Sports. 🙂

Anyway, as I was saying, since we were early, we had quite a bit of time to look and scan the Padang. You know, take a look at who we’re up against. Who do I meet but the Tin Tin! We chatted (the topic of the new car did come up hehe) and chatted, and after a while I noticed that they had a nice black drawstring bag and that lead to the realisation apparently we haven’t registered. There really should be signs!

So we registered and that’s where we met Papa Bear who gave us them drawstring bags and bottles of water (which proved to be very useful later in the game). After that we went to find places to sit. Many many characters walked past us and it was very interesting to see.

View at 7.45am-ish. Some teams were forming alliances already at this point, arriving in one car, making 6 membered power teams. Some came equipped with walkie talkies and were at this point configuring channels. A few were snacking on potato chips. Some were stretching. Some (like me) were clearly not morning people and just sat and stared.

Then I bumped into who else but the Brunei’s Voted Best Photoblogger, AnakBrunei! Then I knew it was only a matter of time before I bumped into Rano haha.

Anyway, this green-wearing couple is so cute. They actually colour-coded up to the very socks. Hee. Matching hats too!

After an eternity just sitting around and doing nothing, we were asked to assemble on the Padang. As soon as 700 people stood there, many MANY different kinds of insects flew out of the grass. Look at how our shoes sank in the grass! Haha.

Oh and that was followed by an utterly undignified mass aerobics session. As usual, my hand-eye coordination was impeccable (not).

Then we basically got into lines, according to our team numbers, and then was given the clues for the treasure hunt. Some of the questions that I remember:

Imagine and Give Peace a Chance were part of his songs (John Collections)

Smash goblet.
Journalist present. (I’m not sure of this one, anyone care to answer?)

Sounds like buying a thorn. (Baiduri Bank Berhad)

Is this what they called human trading? (The Body Shop)

The first environmental global message. (EGM)

We basically had to look for the answers in Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bokiah Complex and at The Mall, Gadong. Then we also had to fine some treasures, which were given clues for. Oh and we also needed to aim a badminton shuttlecock using a racket into a basket and transfer ping pong balls from one bowl to another in 20 seconds. Using chopsticks.

More coverage on that later, stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Blogging Report: BSM Walk-a-Hunt (Scene B)

  1. And what about that Patrick “Eel” O’Brian question?

    We answered J.L. Jewellery for the John Lennon songs!

    Sorry ah! By the time we were at the PGGMB building, I couldn’t remember most of the answers! My partner just put in things that she had thought were the correct ones and put them in, and I just couldn’t be bothered to know. I was tired! Haahaa.


  2. fire = fire
    smash goblet = break glass
    reporter present = press here

    so basically you just had to find any fire alarm thingies.


    Patrick “Eel” O’Brian was Plastic Man. A DC Comics superhero. So you just had to look for Plastic Man Enterprise somewhere in Yayasan.


  3. Hi Maurina,

    Thanks for covering the Helix Walk-A-Hunt 2007.
    Great & Appreciate it very much!! The rest of you all, thanks for following the Event and also to continue reading the many interesting “stuff”

    I would also welcome all comments from all the Beautiful People of Brunei that took part in the Helix Walk-A-Hunt 2007. Please email me at or even sms me at either +6019 3801512
    or +6012 3315 012

    Gary pats Maurina on her shoulders and gives the thumbs up!! Please keep the great blogging!!


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