Blogging Report: BSM Walk-a-Hunt (Scene C)

Scene B is, tadaaaah, The Mall, Gadong. We decided that with the exhibition thing going on, and the fact that no one goes to the Mall in the mornings to cause traffic jams made it sensible to head there first. So after the official flag off, Team 228 zoomed all the way to Gadong!

Let me just say this: I have never been to the Mall when the lights are not on yet.

None of the shops were open and there was no one there but green wearing treasure hunters and security officers.

We took our time here because the picture puzzles (where a picture of a logo or something is zoomed closely beyond recognition and our job is to find where that picture is from), were TOUGH. That man in the above picture is not checking out electronic goods from Aowa, I can tell u that.

Thankfully the escalators are already on. 🙂

We eventually figured out why there were so many green hunters on this side of the mall and it has something to do with Boney M’s song, “By the rivers of Babylon”. 🙂

Team 033 and another team working hard deciphering anagrams and puzzles. Hehe. I’m so glad that the venues chosen are all air-conditioned. Seriously.

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