Blogging Report: BSM Walk-a-Hunt (Scene D)

Scene D was back at the Padang! Yeay, which means we have our “treasures” for Treasure Hunt 1 ready. Basically, we had to decipher clues from an article given during the briefing last night. There were letters specifically italicised and they form an anagram of what we need to bring to the Padang. We had to hurry there because it only opens from 9am to 11am.

The treasures were:

2 old newspapers
2 empty plastic bottles
2 empty cans

We scoured the Kadai Kalings of Bandar to get the old newspapers, and had a bit of an adventure! During the mission, in one of the many sundry shops in front of the Arca, an unfortunate old lady fainted (must have been the heat) and fell onto a metal shelf, slicing her forehead open. While blood gushed out, the shop owner wrapped it quickly with a plastic bag and seeing that was not enough, a kind hearted man I like to call my Boyfriend applied pressure on the wound, to stop the bleeding. I just stood there, of course, bangang. As if I am capable of doing anything else.

While that was happening, another man, stopped a police car which was at the time coincidentally passing by. The lady was put in the car, and the policemen who insisted that the lady be accompanied by someone else, sent her off to the hospital. The policemen looked like they were a bit uneasy with all the blood. Hehe. Anyway, turns out, that lady who accompanied the wounded lady was just a random stranger who happened to saw everything.

Isn’t that something? I thought it was just so “typical Bruneian” that I suddenly felt exceptionally proud that I’m Bruneian. People are not busy bodies, they just want to help. Hope the ladies are both alright under the protection of Allah.

Oh right, back to the treasure hunt and all things frivolous, we eventually got the treasures, and after almost bursting our bladders with one can of soft drink, and *gulp* throwing away the contents of the rest, we zoomed back to Padang.

There were quite a number of people already there handing in their treasures. Those who got their treasures wrong. or left out some items were told to go and get the correct ones. Hehe. Quite a lot of teams joined up to form alliances at this point, trading answers and all that.

While Sister 1 sent in the Treasures, I had the royal task of completing the mission under the nice hot sun. Haha. This picture was taken at about 10.45am and it was very very very very hot! I was successful in transferring only 5 ping pong balls and we had ZERO shuttlecocks in the basket. For the record, IT WAS WINDY. Hehehe.

After that, we headed quickly over to our next venue, Scene E.

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