Blogging Report: BSM Walk-a-Hunt (Scene E)

Scene E was finally, Yayasan SHHB and by then quite a few of the participants were losing steam and ready to swap answers with pretty much anyone. Although I have to admit, the riddles for Yayasan was more difficult!

People were Googling (thank God for technology, right) and the fact that there was sooooo many people (on top of the already big number of participants) because of the exhibition made nothing go smoothly. Haha.

I mean, even the Kentucky Unfried Chicken was there! The whole of Brunei was out and about today!

Some were concerned of lost nap time. 🙂 Hehe. Funny picture this. Too precious not to post!

Green clad hunters were like drones, scouring Yayasan for answers, hints, anything to solve the riddles.

Stopping to think. Hehe. Boyfriend took this picture of TEAM 228 and I quite like it. I believe we were figuring out this riddle:

Patrick “Eel” O’Brian is this person’s hero

Haha. I forgot what the answer was.

Oh the Directory Board was the most popular place to hang out amongst the treasure hunters. But I thought it was rather unreliable because some shops that had ran out of business were still listed. Nyeh. But the board was still quite helpful.

When we had acquired all the answers, we went to the supermarket downstairs to get the second treasure, which was, Mirinda Green Fruit! Unsurprisingly, they ran out of Mirinda Green Fruit. Haha. The Hua Ho workers actually had to look for it in the store rooms to cope with the sudden demand for Mirinda Green Fruit. 😛


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