Blogging Report: BSM Walk-a-Hunt (Scene F)

Scene F is the last and FINAL scene, where we need o hand in our answer sheets and the last treasure of Mirinda Green Fruit: back to the PGGMB building!

And it was overflowing with people standing in line! This basically means that we’re definitely not the few first. LOL. There goes our chance of winning the Business class tickets to Dubai.

Finish line.

THAT was definitely a fun day. We are definitely doing this again.

Plugs out to:

BSM, Gary Event Management , Boyfriend and errr.. everyone who traded answers with us! Hehe. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, and with the stakes and prizes, everyone is definitely waiting with bated breath! Good luck everyone!

8 thoughts on “Blogging Report: BSM Walk-a-Hunt (Scene F)

  1. Hi Maurina,


    Once again, thank you so much for covering the Helix Walk-A-Hunt 2007. I was told by someone last night ( 8.00 pm 17.12.2009 ) about the coverage of the Hunt in your interesting blog and so I had to check it out myself. It’s VIVID!
    Great & Appreciate it very much!! The rest of you all, thanks a Million THANK YOUs for taking part in the Event and please do continue to read the many interesting “stuff”

    I would also welcome all comments from all the Beautiful People of Brunei that took part in the Helix Walk-A-Hunt 2007. Please email me at or even sms me at either +6019 3801512
    or +6012 3315 012

    Gary pats Maurina on her shoulders and gives the thumbs up for the second time!!
    Please keep the great blogging!!

    God willing, I’m sure WE CAN meet up in the near future for more Fun Events. (FUN BREAD also can lah)

    With Lots of Love, your friend,
    Gary Guna Sager

    * I hear you’re as sweet as SHUGAR too!


  2. Missed this event last year, hubby went with brother instead. I had a tiny bump on me tummy then. Thought I’d give it a try this year.
    Missed it again! Was in Seria for another Brunei Shell co-organized event!
    Nevermind, may be next year.


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