Mon Cherie Amour

Merci Mademoiselle! 🙂


How was everyone’s new year celebrations? I have been going around my regular bloghopping and seems that it’s been rather tame for a lot of people.

I went to the Jerudong Park for the fireworks and the Dazzling Lights Festival. Apparently there was a concert going on as well, and as we’ve discovered a countdown to midnight led by the award-winning Zul F.

I really don’t like to begin the New Year with a post criticizing everything, so here are some things to know about me before you read on:

  • I find midnight countdowns to the “new year” really lame and cliched.
  • I am extremely picky with songs I choose to listen to. And by picky I mean extremely fussy. And by fussy I mean, I actually can’t stand a lot of music.

So before I move on, here’s a video of the countdown I have willingly participated in, in light of above comments.

The countdown was not as painful as I have anticipated. I had a good time yelling. Hihi.

The concert before the countdown was also not so painful. Some singers who are not very famous performed, and THANK GOD NO ONE WAS RAPPING, but then again we came at 11.30pm so who knows? But the singers were surprisingly very good, and I actually enjoyed their song selection at first. But towards the end they started singing some slow (and depressing) songs and I thought that was rather… unsmart.

“Di mana letak syurga itu?
Biar ku gantikan tempatmu dengan ku”

Err? Depressing? Kan enjoy pun ilang mood. But like I said, the singers were very good, and perhaps they need to plan out their song selection better so that the show will build up to a great climax instead of a downward spiral.

The water fountain show, however, was agonizing. I felt like I was trapped in a time capsule labelled “THE EIGHTIES”. Don’t get me wrong, I like some songs from the eighties, but definitely don’t understand why all the songs are from that time period? I mean, some minutes after, they actually put on that “We are Family” song. *shudder* LAME!!!

With the beautiful light installments portraying the wonders of the world, they could’ve gone with upbeat music from the countries the monuments are in. I mean, we have this state-of-the-art fountain that can shoot jets of water up t0 100 metres high and the songs they chose were… atrocious! I could’ve sworn I saw the same show when I was 9.

Zul F sang after that, the last live performance of the night before it became an all out rave (it’s true! Even 8 year old kids were dancing!). His performance was rather a let down though. Glenn Fredly’s “Inikah Cinta”. Ehhhhh, lame bahhhh. Nada lagu baru kah?

You know, in one episode of How I Met Your Mother, they siad, “there is no such thing as a perfect New Years’ Eve”. I think they are right. Too much hype, too much pressure to perform well, and in the end your expectations are so high that you get disappointed.

However, I am so glad I was in the best of company. 🙂  Wouldn’t go with anyone but him.

Might blog about the “Dazzling” light installations soon. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Mon Cherie Amour

  1. “there is no such thing as a perfect New Years’ Eve” – Well, not necessarily. =)
    I had an amazing time, more than what i had expected.


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