So cute you could put them in your mouth and eat them!!!

In Ugly Betty, when Betty happened to get stressed of certain things, she goes on to this fictional website that showed really cute kittens. Anyway, I was going through some random Flickr photos a while ago, and I just realised that they have this funny feature on top.

TAKE ME TO THE KITTENS! Hahaha! I thought that was really cute and proceeded to click on it.

The button, obviously, took me to the place where all kitty pictures are dumped!

THEY ARE SO CUTE I FEEL LIKE GNAWING ON THEIR FURRY LITTLE FEETS! ncjherqgvfqejkvbkrqeiflhbrk!!! Like fat pieces of shiny chicken wings! I can just take them in my hands and and twist and squeeze them dry!

Uploaded by catherine.caf

Uploaded by varaecho

Uploaded by eyetoeye

Uploaded by Buntekuh

Ahhhhh I cannot take it anymore!!!! *RUNS OUT OF ROOM AND CHASE CATS*

10 thoughts on “So cute you could put them in your mouth and eat them!!!

  1. AHAHHAHAHAHA aku buleh imagine kau belusir nguyung uking. Ukingku ku uyung, ia uyung aku balik pastu gigit batis – sakit – lain jua peibunan nya tu nda jua jadi kekiyutan.


  2. Hi Rara,

    Cantik sekali model kucing-kucing itu.. mereka memang lucu dan menghibur, namun saya harus membagi mereka kepada kawan-kawan disini (ada 5 anak kucing dirumah saya) – ramai sangat!
    Senang sudah bisa mampir kesini, salam hangat dari afrika barat 🙂


  3. ada kang ku angus laptop ku ani, membari garam ati ucingnya ah… sini-sini sayang abang lai!! jadi andaman ah? bila kamu free? bangas chia huhuhu astee..


  4. Luigi, 🙂 thanks for visiting! Greetings from Brunei!

    Alin, eh laptop ku pun jua sumpak udah kali ah tepapak. Haha over! Anyway, bah set tah date. AKU ON!

    Sha, mine’s the second!!! What with the fake ears and all! Heheheheheeh.


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