Ahhhh the irony!

4.00am: Woke up with the strongest urge to poo poo! …….and suddenly remembered that we don’t have water! After a few moments of panic and madness I ran (more like scrambled) downstairs to get some bottled water and finally did my business. (Sorry for the visual)

Anyway the irony is how it’s raining cats and dogs outside and here I am, looking for water!

2 thoughts on “Doodie

  1. ahahaha.. yatawah.. i wrote about something like this a few weeks ago.. i mean.. it’s rainin’ cat and dogs till it flooded everywhere.. tapi dirumah nada air.. cemana kan tu? haha

    UBD starts tomorrow.. darn it


  2. masa atu kami 2-3 days kali nada air..! sekali kami talipun minta air… katanya tunggu giliran! the next day, malam around 9ish baru ada air kana antar. kepisan rasanya!


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